Saturday, January 7, 2012


First I will start out by saying, our snow is gone!  It sucks.  Yes it's sunny and mild but I have never liked the in between.  By that I mean either get cold and stay cold or get warm and stay warm because the in between just spells muck!

This is what I dealt with all day yesterday if I wasn't right there to wipe Fred and Gloria's paws when they came in.

Mud!  Come on this is January in Canada.  I want the freeze please! I guess I should have asked Santa for a room for all this mud; hence....a mud room.

Okay now that I have gotten that off my chest, the real purpose of this post was to share some pictures I got recently of the hounds together.  It doesn't happen a whole lot because every time they're in one of those OMG! or Awwwwwe......poses together, I get the camera and Fred, being a pro just flips his nose at me like "Oh, another one.....yawn" but Gloria runs at me every time she sees the camera which makes it hard to get these shots.  I have to hide the camera from her right until I take the picture.  Sometimes I get the shot in before she gets up but most times I don't.

This was them watching me on my laptop yesterday writing comments.  I try to get as many comments in as I can throughout the day and stay on top of all my favourite blogs and some.  I know I do miss commenting on some and for that I'm sorry, hopefully I get to it the next day.  As all you bloggers  know and can appreciate, this is time consuming.  I am fortunate to be at home with the hounds so I can carry on through the day.  I do truly love this blogging world I have discovered and love reading everyones blogs! 
Fred and Gloria do start to lose their patience with me, though.

"Come on, on Momma!  What are we chopped liver!" 
"Actually Gloria, that sounds kinda good." 
"For pete's sake Fred, is that all you ever think about!"

Now this next picture I love.  After taking our tree down I put a hassock/bench in front of our big window so the dogs could look out the window but  wouldn't constantly be slobbering all over it.  This was working great as they would just look over it or occasionally put their paws up on it to look out.  Yep, was working great until Mr. Squirrel came to hide nuts in our front lawn.  Both dogs of course loss their minds and jumped at the same time and this was the shot I got.

I don't even know how they managed to both fit but they did and slobbered all over the window. (sigh)  Once all the excitement was over they were stuck and couldn't figure out how to get down.  Momma to the rescue again!

So that's a few of my rare shots of the hounds posing together.
Enjoy the hop!


  1. All the shots are great, but I really do love seeing them look out the window.

  2. The weather is really weird. I get that look sometimes when Im blogging, and I work. I do my best to check all the blogs at my lunch hour so it doesnt take time away from the hounds

  3. The weather here too is weird - warm. Too warm for the Northeast - NY - in mid-January! Makes for not happy Siberian Huskies! (Well, one is happy. Chloe never got the memo that she's a Husky and she likes to be where it's warm!)

    Love the top photo - so beautiful!

  4. I struggle to get pics of the girls together too!

    Sorry you weather has been mild. Our has been but we had some super cold days this week I could live without!

  5. Yes, muddy paws...I hate it. We're in a thaw too, so my carpet is gross. Great pictures of Fred and Gloria! I just think they are two of the best looking hounds around.

  6. We haven't had snow yet, just lots of rain. But we have had lots of mud tracked in. woo woo woo!

  7. How cute! You are such a great photographer. I only wish I could get a cute pose of Leia. :)

  8. Your floors look just like mine... covered in pawprint art! I've decided to just keep the sink full of lysol and just follow my two around with a rag....

  9. I love them looking out the window! Great pictures!

  10. From Higgins mom...I agree with you, I love the blogging world and bloggers like you! Higgins gets quite upset with me while I am on the computer and usually is nudging my arm with his nose the whole time I am leaving comments!! He is quite spoiled!

    As for the weather, it has been very off this year. We have only had one snow, which in our book is great since we are not snow fans, but the inbetween warm and cold stinks! It is winter for goodness sakes, get cold and stay cold...just hoping the snow stays north! HA!

  11. Those are great photos of Fred and Gloria, but I'm with Gloria - whenever my person gets out the camera I come running toward her. -Bongo

  12. Pesky squirrel! Haha.
    Great pictures of them together! They're so cute.
    We've been having the same kind of in between weather and I agree, it's no fun dealing with so many muddy paws!

  13. LOL! Thanks for that visual! Would have been a great You Tube clip!
    I know what you mean about this crazy weather in Canada! You know I am colder when it's around 0 degrees than when it's minus 10! Go figure. Yes, let's just get on with winter.
    Thanks for dropping by today.

  14. jim said it all...I'd swear spring is around the corner but no way we will get walloped soon....fafafafreezing very soon...your hounds are adorable!

  15. I know what you mean about the snow. But you know what? WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!
    Those are so cute pics you got. Loved each one.

  16. Sherri (lightning and thumpers "mom")January 7, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    Great pics! Love their dialogue. :) Are you watching the Saints and Lions tonight?

  17. Good pics! Love the butt shot :)
    Our camera makes a sound when's so hard to sneak up on the pups!

    Wyatt's mom

  18. Hi there! I'm Teal'c from Downunder and just wanted to say hello :)

    I'm Aussie but my mum is German and she says she knows exactly what you are talking about re the weather. Either warm or cold but everything in between is just very annoying and muddy.

    It's different in Australia though - here we have very wet or very hot and we actually prefer the very wet... I'm just not sure why I have to have a shower after every walk. :o

    Slobbers Master Teal'c :)

  19. That first shot of the two together is gorgeous!!

  20. Oh my pug! I surely understand what you mean about not holding the pose for you humans. WHY SHOULD WE, I ASK? My humans do that to me all the time. When it is time for us to run around and act like a fool, they decide to take the camera and put it directly by my face. One of these days I will eat that thing up and end their silliness.

    ANYWAYS... looking good guys!

  21. What? Late on my commenting rounds again...

    Nice picture, BM. I love blogging, too. I didn't know it could be so time consuming yet this fun at the same time.

    Freddie looks really upset at you in the second to the last picture.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  22. Adorable togetherness photos!

    While I try to read everyone's updates and blog posts, I tend not to comment on every single one. It just takes so much time to comment (with my internet as slow as it is especially) and generally I'm reading blogs in the morning before work and have to get going.

  23. Yay,

    Really happy Gloria was feeling up to a photo shoot cos you guys look so cute together!!

    I know how they feel about being patient with Mum on the computer!! I can manage it a lot of the time, but then there comes a point where the only option is some Mischief to get her to move!! Tee Hee

    Hope you're having a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  24. Great pictures! I hope you are still leaving time to relax and play! Ruff!?

  25. Hi! Thank you for a lovely moment with your loveable dogs! They are just so beautiful and have funny stories! Have a great week! X Teje & Nero

  26. Oh my are we sick of mud here...sick of it!

    Beautiful pictures of Fred and Gloria. I am a bit behind in blog reading I hope I won't fall too far behind once puppy arrives!

  27. Aha!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw! You are in Canada!!! You must be in Ontario if you like the Lions!


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