Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Football and Fred?

Well, if Saturday night was any indication of how Football and Fred are going to go together, it's not good. We tried to watch the Detoit game in the 12th Man Room with Fred. First, golf ran late, which actually gave Fred a chance to settle down. Then there were technical difficulties with the station. By the time the game came on ole Freddie was all fired up again! And beleive me, when Bassets get tearing around, it can go on for quite awhile. When he finally went to sleep, there was a rain delay! So, by this time I had a headache and just realized I wasn't meant to see Detroits first pre-season game and went to bed; with Fred, of course! Detroit lost anyways, but I did get to see Nate make a couple of plays. He looked good for his first time out with Detroit. Oh, suck it up Seattle, he's gone!! Although the Seahawks did win which made Steve happy. Even Matt Stafford looked like a real pro! I think they are going places this year!!

Back to Fred.......

Does this look like a dog who just ate my new chicken recipe?

Noooooo......but this one certainly does. And when I say "recipe" I do mean the actual recipe and the paper it was written on!!


Needless to say, life with Freddie Spaghetti is very interesting with never a dull moment. He really is a cute, cuddly, gentle bassett hound (when he's sleepy); the rest of the time he is a little hell terror! By next summer though, he will be one of the best dogs we've ever had!
I don't have too much time to be melanchally about Barney lately, but when I am up late at night and things are quiet ('cause Fred's sleeping) I miss having my buddy with me. The transition from an older calmer dog to a... well, freak, really (ha!ha!) is tough. You forget just how energetic puppies are.

I look forward to September 18th, when my daughter will babysit so we can go to Detroits first regular season game!!! Yes, I will worry about Fred the whole time, but I NEED THE BREAK!!
Well, my little buddy is now chewing on my computer chair, so I think it is time to go find him something else to teethe on!!
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