Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slobber Patrol

Yesterday was a busy day.  Monday is not my typical house cleaning day.  I'm also on "Slobber Patrol".  That's where besides my regular cleaning, dusting and wiping up the obvious drool, I scour things like pictures, walls, table legs, televisions, dressers and any place you might normally miss that drool will adhere to when the hounds shake their heads in the house. You'd be surprised at some of the places I've found drool!

When I start my cleaning, I put the hounds in the kitchen with a bed and pull a gate across to keep them there since Freddie Spaghetti likes to attack everything as I'm trying to clean.  So I just put them in the kitchen.  Gloria doesn't care.  She goes and lays on the mat in front of the sink.  But Freddie.........well you know Mr. Dramatica!

Yep, there he lays.  Whining with part of gate stuck in his eye!  He does this every time!  As you can see the gate is missing some of the bottom pieces.  Fred has chewed them off (surprise).  He has done this eye thing since he was a puppy.  It drives my daughter crazy when she comes over, but I'm used to it now and just ignore it.

"Look Momma!  I'm impaling my eye with your stupid gate!!  You'll be sorry!"
"Ya whatever Fred.  Just don't make a mess on the floor."

Yes, I think Freddie needs some counselling.

Well, Freddie's big sister Brandi did come over and broke him and Gloria out of the kitchen and showered them with hugs and kisses.

Freddie told his story.  "And then Momma took a stick and shoved it in my eye...and I whined...."....blah blah blah!

He finished with his typical "ya, ya.....I know I'm cute take the stupid picture already!" " F#*$'in paparazzi!!"

Note:  Our snow has left us and in it's place it is pouring rain.  Yes, now it's even muckier than ever in our yard.  Crazy, crazy weather!!


  1. Woof! Woof! We had rain but it's going to SNOW again ... You guys be careful in your muckier backyard. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Here's to the muck!

    Cute cute pictures. Fred is such a character.

  3. I love cuddling with them! And Freddie is such a ham ;) lol.

  4. At least Fred's nose made it to freedom! Do you think Fred and Gloria love Brandi? Yep, you can't stage that kind of photo. Glad they had a happy ending to the day.

  5. I need to take some lessons from Freddie! He has that pitiful look down!! I must practice that! BOL!!


  6. Looks like Freddy got as many bodily parts under the gate as possible. He just wants to give you some more slobber to clean up! Sooooo cute!

  7. Oh Fred are you OK? I think you just wanted to help right? So your mom can get done fast and then play with you.
    Have fun in the mud.

  8. Hey BM,

    Did you know basset hounds belong to the top 10 least intelligent dogs? Now I'm pretty sure they were dead wrong.

    Freddie is so manipulative. Don't these dog experts see how dastardly evil and cunning they are with their cuteness and self-inflicting-just-to-get-mom's-attention pain?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  9. You rock, Fred! You are very creative....I think I should get some lessons from you!

  10. THanks for stopping by my blog. I am feeling a bit better today, but I too am working that sad, sorryful look. I get more treats that way.

    Doggy Kisses,

  11. Blogger did not let me comment yesterday. Pfff!
    I love the drama side of Fred, life can't be dull with him.

  12. Your guys are so cute, but I could definitely put up with the extra slobber! I'll just live the basset life vicariously through your photos.

  13. I've never had that problem myself, but one of the mastiff owners I knew from grooming literally had a "ceiling mop" for the drool that got up there!

  14. See, I don't put my dogs up when I clean - this is a problem easily solved with yes, whining at the gate. Gloria, you are so Zen and Freddie, what can I say? Drama, drama, drama.

  15. Aw, what slobber? We don't have too much of that, but there is plenty of fur to be cleaned...all...the...time!

  16. Freddie, if you keep chewing on that gate there won't be any left to stick in your eye any more. (I haven't been able to comment with my Wordpress account for a few days now - but it lets me do it with my Google account) -Bongo

  17. As a mama to two boxers who love to drool, I can certainly relate to working hard to keep up with it. Dark furniture should be outlawed in a house with 2 droolers... Or at least that's what I think! But, I wouldn't change it for the world!

  18. Hmm. Perhaps I can invent something to suck up drool....


  19. Well...I think my mom would hire your mom for drool patrol. I hate being behind the baby gate too! I have to be in the dreaded kitchen when my mom is at work. It hurts, ya know, emotionally. ruff

  20. Oh Fred, you poor darling being locked behind those horrible gates. We know you just want to help. Rory says what's wrong with a little slobber. It gives the house that homey touch. He thinks its very decorative and in case your mum hasn't realised is a great skin moisturiser hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. Oh poor, poor Freddie! He has such a rough life! He probably was thinking about all the work he did spreading his drool around that he was now going to have to re-do.

  22. That Freddie sure is a Drama King!!! He looks so cute with your daughter... I can just imagine him telling her his stories.

    It's really raining up there? That's surprising.

  23. Poor Freddie,

    I'm so glad Brandi came over to rescue you buddy, cos I already had my bags packed to come and set you free until I read you'd escaped!! Phew!!

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  24. We pugs have the same problem. I slobber as I wait for food. I slobber before and after eating. I blobber when I gossip. I slobber when I play. Oh my!

    1. Freddie made my day. Such a character in this story. I guess by now Momma knows your sentiments.

      Natalie about basset hound

  25. Slobber is a benefit of having pups : ) Works well for hair gel, shoe shining, holding a stray hem, and much much more : )


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