Monday, October 11, 2010

Sept. 9/10. Sellout at Ford Field

This home opener was definitely a nail biter! The Lions sure gave the Eagles a run for their money! Detroit was ahead 17-7 mid-way through the second quarter and hopes were high, but with lots of penalties and Michael Vick getting his second chance at being a starter quarterback; they just couldn't pull it off. Lord knows they tried!
They even recovered an onside kick with 1:50 left in the game but couldn't get anywhere with it. All in all we stayed right to the end and had a lot of fun! On a happier note for the Lions; Jahvid Best was named Offensive Rookie of the Month. He became the first rookie in NFL history with at least 75 (78) rushing yards, 150 (154) receiving yards and 3 touchdowns in a single game against Philly in his second game as a pro! This is the second year in a row that a Lion has been named Rookie of the Month in September. Last year was Louis Delmas. All I know is the Detroit Lions are proving they can hold their own with the big contenders and are the team to watch out for!!
On a sadder note, my poor Nate hurt his ankle and will be out for a couple of games. Hopefully he will be able to play against St. Louis. Okay, okay, I already know that he did as I am so late writing this post. I just wanted it to seem authentic!! And yeah Steve, I'm even starting to like Hill! Hey, against the Eagles, we'll take the 35-32 loss, thankyou very much!! Goooooooooo Lions!!!!


I know it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life is busy with family, Fred and Football. Which we will now refer to as the triple "F's". So I will try to catch up a bit here.
This was the turkey I cooked on my Mom's birthday (which we still celebrate). It was in August, but ya get my drift here! There's a turkey, there's stuffing, there's family and lots of other food.
So, it's turkey day! (Only in Canada, eh!) I love thanksgiving because it reminds us to think about all we are thankful for and celebrate it with the ones we love. I have so much to be thankful for and I try not to take even the little things for granted, but like everyone I know I do. I have a wonderful husband who is my soulmate and best friend all in one, I have a millionaires family, a daughter and son (without the million), I have a terrific son-in-law and 3 amazing grandchildren. Some family members have become distant, and I'm okay with that. We all make choices and I believe everything happens for a reason. What goes around, comes around. And of course I have "Freddie Spaghetti", that is our nick name for Fred. Some times it should be "Fred the Fiend" but I sure do love that dog to bits. He came into our lives at a very difficult time and brought so much happiness(and pain; painful bites and scratches :)with him and we have never looked back! (okay, maybe once!)
Today Thanksgiving Dinner is going to be at our daughter's house. Her first turkey dinner and I am actually looking forward to just going over there for dinner. Walking into her house and smelling the turkey!
Last but not least I am so thankful that the DETROIT LIONS WHIPPED THE RAMS BUTT YESTERDAY!! They finally won a game I was at!! Nate even got a touchdown! This sounds more like Christmas, doesn't it? Ah, but this is another post, I still have there first regular season game we attended to post. See ya there!
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