Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Storm

The winter storm came.

We were glad to have it.  At least the hounds and I were anyways.  I love playing in the snow with the dogs and then sitting by the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate, maybe a dash of Creme de Menthe (Mmmm!) and lots of marshmallows on top.  But with the first storm of this winter coming on so fast like it did I am sad to say we did have one casualty.

Rat Bast$#d.

I only call him that 'cause we don't know who his Daddy is.  Okay we don't know who his Momma is either.  Obviously someone who's into plastic.  Anyway we bought Rat Bast$#d at the pet store when Freddie was a baby.  I don't know what happened.  Apparently I have been so busy between the holidays, then the clean up, I didn't see Freddie take him outside.  You know how they say it only takes a split second.

............he has froze to death and Freddie isn't speaking to me.  What can I's tough being a Bassethound Momma!!

Note:  I recieved my copy of Roam by Alan Lazar that I won from Boccis Beefs back in December.  I was so excited that it finally came as there was a mix up with my postal code.  But here it is! Yipee!

The author even inscribed it for me.

I can't wait to read it and will update when I'm done.


  1. We're a tad jealous of your snow. We humans are not keen on shoveling, but the canines love playing in the white stuff!

  2. Poor Rat Bast$#d! Is there no hope? I'll look forward to hearing what you think of your new book. Congratulations on winning!

  3. Hahaha great post! You're so lucky to have snow! Our temps have gotten cold, but they keep going back up and we haven't even had a flurry. We LOVE snow and the whole post-snowplay cocoa thing. Fingers crossed for a good hearty snowfall! :)

  4. Lucky you with snow. I hope Fred and Gloria get lots a play time in it.
    Tell Fred this has happened to me as well. But MOM brought my my frozen chicken in and you know what? After chewing on the frozen chicken in just a little while it came back to LIFE! Maybe that will work for Rat Bast$#d.

  5. Poor Rat. Lol, maybe Freddie isn't interested in non-organic live looking beings anymore.

    Maybe Mr. Rat needs a little warming up... and don't forget to dip it in some milk or honey. I'm pretty sure Freddie's love for it would be rekindled.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. We aren't having much luck in the snow department. My snow shipping business is about ready to close the doors....suppose to be 50 degrees here for a few days....not right for Minnesota! Can't wait to hear about the book!

  7. Poor Rat Bast$#d! (snicker, snicker). Looking forward to hearing how the book is :)

  8. I'm not a snow fan, but the hot cocoa aspect does sound appealing!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book.

  9. Poor little Rat! That book looks good! Waiting for you to share it.
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. Hi! Your have a beautiful blog and Fred and Gloria are so adorable! Your photos are wonderful and I am looking forward look more around! x Teje & Nero

  11. Im so jealous of the snow!!! we are sweating here in texas :)

  12. Your posts are always so funny! beautiful storm
    Dachshund Nola

  13. Sorry about the rat! Maybe an excuse to get a new toy? The book looks great, I can't wait to hear about it!

  14. Playing in the snow with the furbabies is definitely one of life's great joys! My Lucy loves it... Duke not so much!

  15. This made my mom laugh! Maybe that rat will come back to life after being un-frozen. I watched on DISCOVERY CHANNEL that some ANIMALS do that. Ruff!

  16. Yay, you got snow! Yay, I didn't! :o)

    RIP, Rat Bast$ will be missed!


  17. Hi Y'all,

    Won't the Rat Bast$#d thaw out? I thought those guys hibernated and came back in the spring like new!

    My Human HATES cold and snow. I don't like to be out in it for long...too hard on the feet! The shoveling kills my Humans' back and they become worthless for running or playing!

    Y'all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. if that were my toy, i honestly would never stop barking until it was found, brought back in where it belonged, and thawed out.

    poor rat know what...hope his plastic survives, though his color might not.

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  20. Snow, snow, snow! So sorry about Freddie's buddy...

  21. Oh that snow looks great - no snow here just rain and wind :-( Poor Rat- maybe he needs to come back in and warm up - love from Magic xx

  22. Poor rat. That happens to my toys sometimes too. I sure hope it doesn't lose its squeak. -Bongo

  23. Lol @ rat bast$#rd!!! So funnyee!
    Ps. I love the snow too! It's what winter is suppose to be like in Canada!

  24. Somehow I missed this post last week (again stupid google reader seems to be acting up). It is funny that the toy made it outside. At least it is visible. There have been times when we have lost toys outside until the snow melted. Of course we have zero snow this year...


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