Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL Sunday Ticket!!

Well, our first official football day in front of the big screen went off with out a hitch! We signed up for the Sunday Ticket with Shaw and got both the Detroit and Seattle games in HD. Boy if ya can't be at the game, watching it on a 58 inch plasma in HD with surround sound, is the next best thing. It was awesome!! Even Fred was great. As you can see he enjoyed time in my dreamseat with me, but spent most of the Detroit Lions game sleeping on Steve's Seahawks blanket. It was the first full afternoon we have gotten to sit and enjoy our football room with out a "Fredache" (thanks for that word Stevie!)
The disappointing thing is that Detroit lost! Bad call by ref?.....I think so! My opinion, Calvin Johnson and the ball were clearly down and that should have been ruled a touchdown. The Lions did great holding their own with the Bears and should have won, but hey, if that's how Cutler and his team have to take a win, so be it. Just remember, Lions eat Bears for breakfast!! It's too bad Stafford hurt that shoulder again, but it sounds like it is a second degree separated shoulder and he should be back in a couple of weeks. Bad news....of course he won't be playing this Sunday when Steve and I go to their first regular season home game!! I just hope they pass the ball a little more to Nate and Calvin and don't try to make it an all "Jahvid Best" running game like they did yesterday 'cause obviously that ain't working!!
Big suprise of the day, Seattle Seahawks!! Gotta give credit where credit is due. After changing 27 players on their roster, they came out and played an awesome game against the 49ers and beat San Fran 31 to 6!! When Matt threw that first pass and it was intercepted, we thought, well here we go again, but low and behold they came through with shining colours. Kudos to Stevie's team!!
So, The 19th is the big day. I go to my first game of the season in Detroit and Fred gets left with his "big sister" to babysit. Oh.....I hope it goes well! I will be bringing Fred home a new Dtroit Lions collar so he can show off his team colours!! GOOOOOOOOOO LIONS!!!!!!!
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