Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Bassets Songs

Thought I'd better get on here with a post. It's summertime so obviously I'm not on the computer as much. I spend most of my time outside with the hounds. Since it is soooo hot today and I'm in the air conditioned house (thank god!) I thought I'd do a quick post.
Every dog I have owned has had their own song made up by yours truly. Bear had one, Barney had one and now I will share Fred's with you.
Here it goes..............

I've got a dog
His name is Freddie Spaghetti.
He's a basset hound
And he's always ready.
To bite me and chew me
And tear me apart.
But he's the basset hound
That won my heart!

So for months now (since April) I have been trying to come up with a song for our little girl Gloria and this is what I've got so far............

da da da

Yep, that's it. Any suggestions?

Well, until I come up with something else, here's some random pics of the hounds!

Basset hounds walking.

Wore out from the heat. (Yippee!)

Making their momma feel like dirt when she leaves the house.

Shorter eared sleeping beauty.

The King!
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