Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Hounds in the Summer

Yesterday was really hot and humid here. I took the hounds out first thing in the morning to play a bit.

They played for about five minutes before Gloria petered out and retreated to the patio.

Of course freak boy couldn't give up that easily and decided to charge me on the lawn.

It's hard to discipline a dog that looks like this, without laughing your butt off!

Thankfully he petered out before reaching me.

And when Mr. Dramatica lays down, he doesn't just stop and lay down, he stops and throws himself down on his side with a big umph!!
So while Freddie was acting like he was close to death on the grass, I thought I'd go and take some pictures of Gloria. She was happy to oblige although it's like she didn't quite know how to pose.

"Sitting or laying Momma? I don't know what to do.  I'm not used to the paparazzi like Freddie!"

She finally broke under the pressure, said screw it and laid down!

And this was how they spent most of the afternoon.  It was so nice and quiet.  Well, except for all the construction going on out front!
Our night was equally quiet watching tv.....

.....'cause this was Freddie after a day of sunshine and fresh air!! Yay! I love it!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Mischief - Dirty Laundry

Fred didn't seem to want me doing any housework on the weekend. That's fine by me but geesh! Just say so, don't create more! When doing the dishes, everytime I put the tea towel down whether on the counter or back of a chair.....

he was on it like a bee to honey!

So I'd have to ignore him and go get another one.

And just once I'd like to bring my laundry basket of clean clothes upstairs to fold and have it all stay clean and slobber free.

Here he has stolen a t-shirt and face cloth.

Then there's the once clean towels. He just steals the stuff and then lays on it!  By the time I go around and collect all the items Freddie has stolen I practically have a whole other load to wash!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Whoopin' It Up In The Sun

Yesterday the hounds enjoyed lots of time outside soaking up the rays.  However we all know Freddie Spaghetti can't sit still for too long and he finally goes on the attack and tries to entice Gobble Guts Gloria to play!

"Come on Gloria! I'll even keep my eyes closed!"

"Look, I can fit your whole head in my mouth!" "hehe!"

"You'll never find me down here!"

"Body slam!"

"And finally my vampire move!"

Yes, everyone was enjoying the sun yesterday including one of the city workers who was whoopin' it up in the park in front of our house by opening up the fire hydrant.

Meanwhile, we had to pay for the water to water our lawn last night!  I felt like running over there with buckets!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds!

It's been really hot here again with no rain so I have spent the past few days weeding my overgrown gardens with the help of yours truly.

"I'm just gonna sit here and make sure these weeds don't go anywhere."

I stuck an umbrella in the weed bucket to give Freddie Spaghetti some shade since he wasn't smart enough to go lay in the shade he really wanted to help out. Gobble Guts Gloria just laid by the house in the shade all day.

My irises have just started blooming so I took some pictures after weeding. I just love them!


This purple and white king iris is my favorite.

It hasn't bloomed in years and it was actually my daughter who first noticed that it finally bloomed this year.

I think it is just so beautiful! The next ones are at the side of our house.

Purple and gold.

Can you tell I like purple flowers? After all the hard work and picture taking the hounds did get rewarded with some ice cubes.

And I got rewarded with a big gob of slobber!  Both hounds were pretty pooped by the end of the day.

Notice how Freddie Spaghetti always has his head in Gobble Guts Gloria's butt! Rest up 'cause there's lots more weeding to be done yet!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - A Mother's Day Gift From My Daughter

And maybe just a few words.

That is my Mom on the left and me with her on the right. My Mom's been gone for 13 years and I still miss her every day. These pictures of my Mom and me, my daughter actually had engraved inside this locket so I will never lose them.
Thank you so much Brandi, this is such a special gift!  It's still making me tear up!

And as for these guys..... Mom would have loved them!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mischief - Freddie Spaghetti's Addiction

"I Freddie Spaghetti have a confession to make."

"I am a closet toilet paper eater."
"Okay, and kleenex."

"There, I've said it."
"Whew! Does that feel better!"
"I know I'm two now and I shouldn't be doing these things anymore.  Lord knows I have tried to stop."
"And I did........for awhile."

"Momma even put the toilet paper back on the roll." 

"I can't help myself sometimes though.  I just get these urges to feel that soft tissue shredding between my teeth and melting on my tongue. Oh, I know Momma's gonna be mad at me, but I just don't care at the time."

"I spit out that big wet wad and lay on the couch in a sort of tissue induced euphoria."

"Momma even thought she could hide the kleenex box in her nightstand. Pfft! Like that's gonna work!"
"I think Momma is just going to have to learn to live with my rebel ways."

"After all, we can't all be perfect like you know who!!

"I don't touch any tissue paper Momma!"

They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit.  Freddie Spaghetti hadn't touched any toilet paper or tissues since February. Then this weekend he caved. So I guess that rule doesn't apply to dogs!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Freddie Spaghetti and Gobble Guts Gloria

Yes, the votes are in from Sarge's NickName Game so for the next week these two hounds will only be known as Freddie Spaghetti and Gobble Guts Gloria!
As I've said before, for what ever reason Gobble Guts Gloria will not eat until Freddie Spaghetti is done his food.  It's like she has to get the okay from Freddie Spaghetti before she can eat.  Poor Gobble Guts Gloria.
Then, when she does eat, this is what she has to put up with!

Freddie Spaghetti just lays and stares at her.
Umm, ya........hey both pretty much eat laying down.

Yep, about two inches from her bowl.

Do you think he can get any closer!! Poor Gobble Guts Gloria.   No wonder she resorts to eating poo.  She can probably do that in peace!  Nothing says lovin' like fresh out of the oven! LOL!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Work Goes On....and on....and on.....

You know they're going to be working on your road a long time when they bring one of these.

Yes, the port-a-potty arrived on the middle of our crescent last week and then the work began.

I have been trying to get all my house stuff done in the mornings and get out back with the dogs as it is just so noisy all day. But a couple of days it was just to cold to be outside.  When we are in the house Fred spends his days watching the work go on outside the window.

Since they started all the digging, our internet has been wonky and sometimes it just takes me forever to get a post up when I do have a connection or I just lose the connection all together half way through loading pictures.

I try to stay calm and not curse the workers outside my window.  But I have to say, more swear words have passed my lips the past week than I would like.

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your internet connection. I tell myself to just walk away and do something else, but it's like having withdrawal and I find I'm back checking it every few minutes thinking I can at least get some commenting in before I lose it again. So, if my posts and comments seem a little sporadic lately, it's just me fighting with my internet connection.  Apparently they will be working on our road  until the end of July.  Ugh!  So I think Fred will be doing lots of this.

And I will probably have to take up a new language so I can learn some new swear words! The good news is this is a long weekend here in Canada so they won't be back working until Tuesday!  Yay!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Zentangle!

In March, Reilly and Denny over at CowSpotDogs held a "What Is It?" competition to guess what type of art form their Momma was drawing.  It was Zentangle and we were the first to guess it right and won our very own Zentangle art drawing done by Reilly and Denny's Momma, Bree! It has  pictures of Fred and Gloria included in it!    Zentangle is a hand drawn art form that involves combining patterns and tangles.  It was invented by Rick and Maria of  

We were so excited yesterday when our parcel arrived.

Fred and Gloria were both wondering what was in the box!

There was a personalized note from Reilly, Denny and their Momma.

What a beautiful card!
And then.....

The Zentangle drawing!!!

Isn't it beautiful! We are so amazed at the work that went into our Zentangle drawing!  Reilly and Denny's Momma is one talented lady! We can't thank Reilly and Denny's Momma enough for putting so much work into our prize!  It is beautiful!

It now has it's place right beside Cary Grant on our living room wall.

Thanks again, Bree!  If you haven't been to CowSpotDogs, hop over and check out their latest adventures from their trip to Australia!

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