Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Over

My Lions are done for the season.  They lost the playoff game to New Orleans last night.  I'm happy though, at least they made the playoffs and showed just how good they can be.  But now the stress is over and I can sit back and relax.  I think I'll just root for the Saints now even though they did beat my Lions.  Fred however is having a hard time understanding that the Lions won't be playing anymore this season.

"Why won't our Lions be playing anymore, Momma?"
"Because Fred, they lost the game to the Saints."
"But why?"

"Why Momma? Whhyyyyyyyyyy!!!!"

"Go ask your father!"

On that note I'm off to veg for the day!


  1. Poor Fred! Hopefully he is comforted by the fact that he can still sit on your lap and enjoy a chew'll just not be watching the Lions.

  2. I know, we watched that game. But it was great to see them in the post season!

  3. I'm very sorry about the Lions, and this may change our relationship forever, but I'm a Saints fan....

  4. So, how are the Vikings doing? Sorry, Fred, my allegiance is elsewhere even when I'm not following them :(.

  5. Oh Fred, just think how much better they'll be next year! Cheer up buckaroo.

  6. Great photos of Fred! SO cute!!!
    Sorry about the Lions.. But they had a GREAT season!! Maybe next year will be THE year! :)

  7. Oh, why do bassets have one of the cutest faces? Lol, maybe Freddie Spaghetti is waiting for you to bring in some ice cream while vegging out.

    I'm sorry about the Lions, too.

    Huggies and Cheese.


  8. I was cheering for the Lions too! Definitely a bummer, but it was a really awesome season!

  9. Hi there, Fred and Gloria are so adorable. You are never alone when you have a pet, that's for sure. I have just popped over from your daughter's blog and I will check in often to see what antics the little darlings have been up to. Thanks for letting me visit. Hugs, Chris

  10. They had a great run and an awesome season! It's not over yet ;) There's always next season Fred :)

  11. Too bad for Fred. Too bad for you.

    I am always sad when football is done.

    At least my team (Michigan) had a better than imagined season. :)

    I guess we will all look forward to next year!

  12. Awwww that was great!!!! You know I really thought they would make it through the first round and then get blown away the second. We were heartbroken.

    You never answered (or if you did, I missed it!) when I asked if you live in Michigan...I am assuming that you do?


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