Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fred In Motion

Sunday afternoon we got a snow storm. (Yay!) So yesterday morning we woke up to this.

Because Freddie goes berserk in the snow I thought I would show you all the many faces I see of Freddie Spaghetti as he runs towards me with the camera.  Bare with me, there are a few. These were all taken in sequence with my camera in Sport mode...and yes apparently my lens was dirty.

This is the point where I get the heck out of his way! So there you have it.  That's what Gloria and I see when Freaky Freddie runs at us.  Now you know why Gloria looks terrified half the time! (hee!hee!)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mischief

Freddie is such a help around the house.

He generously helped me with the laundry again on the weekend!

Snoopy's Dog Blog

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Casualty

Freddie's hot on a trail again.

 He's about to find another casualty of our screwy winter.

Yes, it's his purple Walrus. Well it used to be purple anyway.
What Fred doesn't know is that this was no accident.  No it was not forgotten like Rat Bas@#&d.  I left that stupid toy outside because it drove me nuts in the house! Him and his stupid little squeaker that Freddie just couldn't seem to get out. He's managed to rip apart everything else in our house, but not Mr. Walrus!
Not only that,  Mr. Walrus is made of a terribly good rubber and couldn't even have his silly head ripped off!
So...yes, I left him outside to freeze.  Silly me forgetting he is a WALRUS!!

Well, geez!  Look at him.  Now I actually feel sorry for the little guy!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mornings with Fred.......and Gloria

Most of our mornings start something like this......

"Who's my little boy! Who's Momma's baby!"
scritch, scritch, scritch

"Oh, go on........ Momma stop!"

"No really,'re embarrassing me!" "Stop with the camera, come on!"
"Huh?  Where are you going?"
"Okay, okay.....maybe just one more!"

"How's this?"

"Oh brother!"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Freddie's Discovery

Fred made a discovery in our yard yesterday morning.  I went out with him and Gloria in the morning 'cause as we all know I have to beat Gloria to her poo, basically as it comes out her butt!  Freddie did his business and then he caught a scent.

Then he started tracking.

Now usually it's where a squirrel has hid a peanut in our yard and he has to dig it up and eat it. yuk! We have to be very careful of this because of our granbaby Emma's severe peanut allergy. :(

Ahhh! But these weren't squirrel tracks!
Freddie tracked and tracked.


It's pretty sad when even the bunnies aren't afraid of your hound dogs!! Apparently they had a hay day in our yard the night before.  

"Come here Gloria!" "Look it's poo!"
"Eeewwww!" "That's disgusting Freddie!"  "I'm not touching another critters poo!"
"Duh!" "You eat your own poo."  I've seen ya do it!"
"At least I know where it comes from!"

Sadder than the bunnies not being afraid of my hounds is the fact that I actually took my Nikon camera that my wonderful husband had bought me for our Anniversary and took a picture of rabbit turd! Now that's sad! Also the fact that I think Freddie may have snorted a couple of those little pellets!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thought I meant Freddie didn't ya?  No I finished the book Roam by Alan Lazar that I won back in December from Bocci's Beef.  First I have to say that I have never read this type of book before as I tend to be a Stephen King, John Sandford kinda girl.  That being said, I actually loved the book!  Nelson is a half beagle, half poodle who stole my heart!  I don't know if it's from the cover picture or what but I pictured a male version of Sophie (From Sophie's View)  in my head for Nelson.  We all know Sophie is an adorable Labradoodle!


This book touched on all my emotions making me sad, making me angry and making me smile.  Your heart goes out to Nelson who through all of his years hardships and heart aches manages to seek out the one true love he lost, his human!  It comes complete with links to music which was written by Alan for specific parts in the book.  I really think this is a Walt Disney movie waiting to happen; without the doggie sex scene of course. (hee!hee!)
I finished Roam 4 days ago and find I am still thinking about it which tells me it was a great book.  The book was very well written.  Alan Lazar is not only an accomplished composer but has proven he also has a talent for writing stories.  If nothing else this book will make you want to hold your furry friends even closer and be so thankful you have them! It definitely puts you in that  "awwwe" awareness mode!  Roam is definitely worth the read!

Freddie update: Tempatures have dropped blow freezing again and the lawn is frozen.  Freddie is once again allowed to "ROAM"!  Okay, only in our yard!

Yes, that is slobber on his ear!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ugh! Not Again

"Huh?" "What do ya mean the snows not going to last!"
"Just go and play with your sister Freddie."
"Okay Momma." "Glorrrria!"

"Holy geez, Gloria!" What the heck are ya doing?"

Yes, even Gloria gets in her moods once in a while and Freddie doesn't know what to make of her.

I tried to encourage them to get as much play time in as they could in the snow since it was going to be 9 degrees C or about 50 degrees F.  Soon the yard started to look like this.........

as things started to warm up.  Then by mid afternoon yesterday........

.........THIS AGAIN!!  And what does this spell? MUD!

If you look close at this picture of my lilac bushes you can see it has buds on it. Next is my Tiger Lilies.

They have started to pop out of the ground because they think it is spring!

So poor ole Freddie got to run free for a total of 1 1/2 days and now he's back to going out on a leash because our yard is once again a muck hole!! Gloria and Fred are so close any more that she actually stood by Freddie as he slunk back into a depression yesterday afternoon!

If anyone knows how to do a snow dance, please send instructions!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mischief - Chickens?

No we didn't get any chickens.  Although that might not be a bad idea.  Naw, I've got enough on my plate dealing with Fred!  It's been upsetting for Fred not being able to run around in the backyard and play, especially after are walks.  When we get home from our walks, I usually let Freddie and Gloria off their leashes in the backyard and they run and play for about 10-15 mininutes before we go inside.  This helps get Freddies excess energy out.  Since our fence blew down we have been listening to constant sighing and whining from Fred.  He just comes and puts his head on me and sighs.

"But why Momma?" "Why can't I go out and play?"
Long loud sighs, over and over.  This really motivated hubby to get out there in -10 C and rig something up to block off the opening where the fence fell over.  It also got him away from Fred and his constant whining!

Now it is done!  It might not be pretty, but it works for now.

It's chicken wire we had behind the shed. Hence, the reference to chickens! Thankfully the ground wasn't completely frozen because of the up and down temperatures we've been getting.

So I finally let Freddie out without his leash.  First he went over and checked out the makeshift fence.

 Gloria was back to running for her life!

They ran and played for about 15 minutes until Gloria had enough and her feet got cold.  Of course Fred acted like it was the first time in his life he'd ever run free.  After Gloria went in, Freddie did his last couple of circuits around the yard.

I think I could almost here the music from the movie Born Free playing in the distance.  Always the drama Queen King.  Then he went in the house........

.....and crashed for the night!  YES!  We got to sit and watch our Saturday night at the movies on TCM in peace and quiet.  It was great!

My Brown Newfies

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have a few awards to talk about. First a few weeks back we were honoured with two more Liebster Awards. Thank you so much to  Prudence over at A Coon Hound's Tails and 47 over at Rocco's House.  If you haven't visited their blogs yet, stop by and sniff them out.  Prudence over at A Coon Hound's Tails and Rocco and Leia over at Rocco's House won't disappoint.

I will get to my choices posted for this award (x2) at a later date as I need to pick ten more blogs and I do need some time to make my choices.  Thanks again to A Coon Hound's Tails and Rocco's House.

Yesterday, Daisy from Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven passed the One Lovely Blog Award on to us.  This is the first time receiving this award and we are truly honoured!  Thank you so much Daisy. Daisy was away in Florida for Christmas but still managed to get into mischief!  Check out her Christmas Day Adventure and see what mischief she got into in Florida.

The purpose of this award is simply to recognize the efforts of fellow bloggers and to let them know that their work is appreciated. There is no limit to how many this can be passed on to.  I love all the blogs I read but I am passing this on to two

What Remains Now - Lori is one creative lady with 2 retired Greyhounds and a kitty named Twinkie.  She is always finding different ways to express her creativity be it painting, writing or a new craft.  A very inspiring blog!
Yee Wittle Things - Brandi is a young mother of two little ones and a fish named Harold.  She is constantly finding creative ways to entertain her little ones and help them grow at the same time.

Thanks again to Raising Daisy!

Now try to keep your emotions in check...........

 Don't get all choked up over poor Freddies dilemma.

We will be coming up with a solution this weekend so Freddie can run free once again! (in our yard anyway!)

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