Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Con

First a reminder - Earth Hour 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

I still have to laugh at Gloria's con game when Fred is in the big chair and she wants it. They just remind me of kids, there's a whole empty couch there but she wants the chair because he's in it.

First she starts barking and running to the door like somebody's here.

You'll notice Fred looking at the door.  I love that my antique basset statue on the floor, at the bottom left of the chair, and Fred have the same pose in this picture.

Then she jumps and rolls and goes into full play mode.
Sorry, my action shots a little blurry.  That's how crazy she gets!


 ....snap!!!  He falls for it every time!

Fred will never learn!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gloria's Leg

Gloria's leg was doing much better by yesterday afternoon but I still wanted to limit her exercise until today to make sure it was better.  So she spent most of the day yesterday doing this.

 Laying on the floor (gasp!) and giving me the evil eye.

And she actually started getting a little mouthy.

I tried to make amends by sharing my yogurt with her, but having Fred always in the background taunting her didn't help.

"Momma, can you come and fluff another pillow for me?"  "Look Gloria!"

"Blaaahhhhh!" "It sucks to be you!"

This went on all day yesterday.  Finally this morning I gave her permission to get back in the chair.

Look how happy she is!!

Okay, just imagine how happy she is!

P.S. - Be sure to check out my daughter's blog.  She's giving away 10 bottles of perfume, yes 10!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gloria's Depressed

Gloria hurt her front leg romping around with Fred in the yard.  I suspect it's just pulled so I have banned her from jumping up on any of the furniture for a day or so.  Now she is just making me feel like dirt.  Here's an example of the look I have to put up with.

Here, let me get closer!

"Why, Momma?" "Why can't I go on the furniture?" Freddie still is!"

"Look, I've hurt my leg too!"

"Oh, you did not Fred!" "Get up!"

"Did too!"

Anyway...back to Gloria.  This is pretty much how she spent most of yesterday.

Mad at me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fred and Emma

It's no secret that it hasn't been easy with our grandbabies and the dogs.  We've always had a dog, but for some reason the grandkids have been afraid.  Getting through Fred's puppy period with the grandkids has been a challenge. They didn't understand that Fred just wants to play and Fred didn't understand why they wanted nothing to do with him.  So most of the time when the grandkids were over we would gate Fred off in the hallway or kitchen.  You can see an older post about it here.

Funny thing is it's mainly the boys who are afraid.  We now have three grandsons, Mitch, Cameron and Jaron and one granddaughter, Emma.  Emma is the brave one.  She has always tried to pet Fred and Gloria.  We thought a good way to get them used to each other was to leash Fred when they were here so she could see him but we still had control.  Next all we had to do was leave the gentle leader on him and he would behave.

Now when I babysit Emma, Fred will actually behave himself without the leader on.  All I have to do is show him the gentle leader and he will behave.  So yes, our Freddie is growing up!  It helps that the grandbabies are getting a little bigger too!   So here are some "eureka" moments from babysitting Emma yesterday.  Proof that Emma and Fred have officially become friends!

Giving Fred a belly rub.

Trying to decide if she should let him see Diego or not.

Deciding it's okay.

Changing her mind.  (typical girl heehee!)

You know your friends when the dog sticks his tongue in your ear!

                                                          "Come on Grandma!"
Do you think Emma was getting a little tired of me snapping pictures? BOL!

                                                          "Being good is exhausting!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mischief - Great Weekend

We just had a terrific weekend!  Yes, it did turn cold and rainy again but after all that heat we had, the spring flowers and plants really needed the rain.  Saturday morning was great.  I love getting up early and having my morning coffee on the weekends.  Yes there's lots to be done, but there's no pressure.  I have learned the older that I get not to stress if things don't get done.  As my Mom used to say, "the world isn't going to end".   Some how having this attitude seems to get things done quicker.  Whatever.  I was having my coffee trying to get some commenting done, hubby was sleeping in and the hounds had gone potty, been fed and were now back to sleeping.

Gloria went back to bed with her Dad.
And Freddie chilled in his chair.  Yes, I said his chair.  The first step is accepting it.

Ah....I love these moments.
This is my quiet time.

Until of course Freddie Spaghetti realized he was being ignored.

First he took my sweater off of the office chair and a rag out of the hamper.  He does know how to get the lid off of it to get to the clothes inside.  I now know that if I ignore this behavior, he just lays on his "treasures" and whines and does not chew them.  After a while he tries to find something else that he thinks will get my goat.

"Yuh, huh!"  "How's this working for ya Momma?"  "Look a big bath towel!" "My bad now or what?"

Normally this would start to peeve me off, but Saturday morning I was just too excited. When I was reading through the blogs I follow leaving comments, I had a real surprise when I got to our friend Bailey Be Good's blog.  Apparently his Momma had been up to some mischief too!  Just look what his Momma drew!!


It's my Freddie Spaghetti!  Bailey's Momma is soooo talented and did an amazing job!  Just look at Freddie's eyes.  That is him to a T!! I was so happy and was busy contacting Bailey's Momma to thank her and tell her we just had to have this wonderful picture!  You have got to go over to Bailey Be Good and check out some of her other pictures.  She can draw lots of things, but I love her doggie pictures.  They are so life like and the cost is reasonable for all the work she puts into her drawings.  You can just click Pet Portraits, or scroll down my sidebar and click on her button. While your there you can see what Bailey and her sister Nala have been up to.  Maybe you'll even see Bubba!
Thanks again to Bailey's Momma!  It made my whole weekend!

Alfie's Blog

Friday, March 23, 2012

Blogging Award

Back at the beginning of March, I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Julie at The Daily Dog Blog.  As usual I am behind in awards again. (my bad!)  Time just seems to go by so fast.  Then I get sidetracked and the next thing you know a month or so has gone by!   It's not that I'm not totally honored by each and every award I get it's just well......I'm menopausal.  Yes, I said it again!  Why not, if an excuse is working for you why change it!

According to the rules, I am supposed to share 10 things about myself that you may not know and then pass it along to 6 other bloggers, we go!  Since I have done this about the bassets before, this one I will do about me.

1.  I was an army brat growing up.  Emphasis on the "brat" part.

2.  I hate bugs, especially spiders.  I have been known to scream at the top of my lungs while running at and squishing a tiny spider, ninja style.

3.  I love food.  Especially butter and pasta, not necessarily in that order.

4.  I am allergic to shellfish.  But I do wear gloves and make it for my family.  Barbecued shrimp is one of my specialties.  So after I make it I just sit back and enjoy the lovely aroma!

5.  I love popcorn with, you guessed it real butter!!

6.  I love the snow.   Which is why I was so disappointed with this past winter. :(

7.  My husband and I do everything together.  We have been best friends since we met 30 years ago.

8.  I spoil my dogs rotten!  (bet ya didn't guess that one! haha!)

9.  I  was born in Germany, in a British hospital on Canadian soil. (figure that one out)  So I am a Canadian born abroad. I always found that saying kind of funny after all I am a "broad".

10.  I always thought I was adopted growing up because out of six kids, I was the only one born in Germany.

 So now to pass this award on to six bloggers.  It's hard but I am going to try and pass it on to ones that may not have this award.

Charlene and Storm

Critter Alley


Sheltie Times

Paws Helping Paws

Pixel Blue Eyes

Thanks again to Julie over at The Daily Dog Blog I really am honored.  I still have one more award to get to. The Pawsome Blogger Award I received form Bringing Up Bella.  I will do this one at a later time. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heat Wave

We have been having quite the heat wave the past week here in Southwestern Ontario, breaking lots of records.  The temperatures have climbed everyday.  Yesterday was the hottest so far.

Our thermometer showed 35C in the sun.  Thank goodness they write "HOT' on there in big capital letters or we'd never know it was hot! (heh,heh)

In the shade it was 27C.

I walked the hounds first thing in the morning before it got too hot.  Then they did this the rest of the day.

Just laid around. yay!  I hope I didn't sound too excited there.  :)

We had some visitors.

A robin looking around for something to eat.  And.......

.... Mr. Walrus showed up on the lawn trying to get some sun.  Yay!  He survived the winter.

Fred has just been a pool of drool.

But don't worry he just goes in the house and wipes it on an article of clothing he manages to swipe.

"Ahhhh! That feels better!"
I believe his choice this time was my nightie.

By this weekend the temperatures are supposed to drop to "normal" again. (a.k.a. cold!) I just hope my plants that have started growing can take it.

But for now I have turned our air conditioner on!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mischief - Basset Hound Races and The Great Escape!

Boy, I am late getting going this Monday morning.  We had such a great weekend with temperatures reaching 24C.   It seems everybody was out and about enjoying the nice weather and we had lots of company over the weekend.  I can see that Fred is getting older as he was so well behaved and not so wound up around our company. Whew!
Saturday morning we got the hounds out first thing in the morning for a walk because as the day heats up, Gloria tends to peter out very quickly.  When we got home they had their "basset hound races".

With the dogs all wore out, we had a tree limb to take down in the front yard so we put a gate across part of the driveway so the hounds could lay there in the sun but also see us. (or surprise, surprise, Fred might whine!)
Things were going along quickly and the dogs were being so good.  We were sawing up the tree limb when my husband looked over to the neighbors and said "Hey look, a basset!"  We're always so excited when we see another basset hound around town.  Well, we were pretty excited because I looked back and could only see Gloria, at the same time my husband realized that was our basset Fred!  My heart sank and my husband went running to get him.  Fred ran off back into the neighbors yard and thankfully my husband got a hold of him.  We were so lucky that the neighbors dog had left his giant bone outside, because if it wasn't for that we would probably still be looking for Fred right now.  We later found that Fred had squeezed in beside the shed on the driveway and found a hole in the hedges to get through to the neighbors.
We were very lucky this time and we will be making darn sure that never happens again because not only would Fred be lost but so would I!

Yes, Fred had quite an adventure and I sure hope he enjoyed it, 'cause it will be his last!!


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