Friday, November 30, 2012

A Not Quite Full Moon and Our Tree is Decorated!

Tuesday night I got some pictures of what I thought was the full moon.

It was really cloudy when we went out to take Fred and Gloria for their walk.  So at first I could just see it through the clouds. But by the time we got home from our walk the clouds had cleared, so Freddie and I ran ahead to get my camera so I could get a picture of..............

.....what I thought was the full moon.  I always seem to think it's a full moon the night before it's actually full.  But hey, it looks full to me! According to RRC (Remington's Research Center) it is the Full Beaver Moon and it was on Wednesday.

Yesterday I decided no computer (well maybe just a bit) as I had so much to do including putting the decorations on my tree.   Of course Freddie was right in there helping.

"I don't give a rat's a@*  about the tree.  I want my presents From Wally!"

Although Gloria and Fred aren't allowed to open their gifts from Wally and Sammy (even though they have finished all those yummy Slobber Chops) until Christmas, Sammy and Wally's Momma did tell us to open the pink bag that came with their gift when we decorated our tree...........and look!

Hand made ornaments!  These are made by local street artists in South Africa.  Aren't they beautiful! This is so perfect as every year since Steve and I have been together we have bought one new ornament for our tree.  So this year we have three!


"I think they're just beautiful Momma!"

"Suck up...."

Regardless of what Freddie thinks of the tree, it is all decorated now.

This is a picture with the flash on.

And flash off.

Here's one of the beautiful ornaments from Wally and Sammy.  Thanks guys!

Now lots of you have asked how Freddie is doing.  He definitely has his good and bad days.  I did let him go out and play with Gloria in the snow as I just can't deprive him some fun play time.  Besides the fact that if I don't let him play and get his energy out I have to deal with this in the house.

So every few days I let the two them have some play time together outside.  After Freddie sometimes needs some pain meds and we usually have a long night with him getting comfortable.  But at least he is finally wagging his tail again which he hasn't done since August!

Each day from December 1st up until Christmas I am going to feature one of our ornaments that we have gotten over the years. So stay tuned. Tomorrow is #1!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Mischief - We're Mischief Free!

There wasn't a whole lot of mischief around here on the weekend. The most important thing of the weekend.........


I spent a lot of time reading Freddie's Christmas card from Wally to him over and over AND OVER!

"Read it again Momma!"

Then we got our tree up.  No decorations yet, that will come this week.

We watched the National Dog Show, well....most of it.  
We missed the ending as we just got so busy.

Doing this!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Parcel!!


Freddie and Gloria's gift exchange presents from Sammy and Wally!  I can't believe it came so fast.  We sent our exchanges early as the post office said it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery. I sure hope they get their parcel from Freddie and Gloria soon too!

"Momma, Freddie won't let me see!"

"Fine!  Here Gloria have a sniff."

"Oh, it smell really good in here Momma!"

Their box was filled to the brim with presents and treats and they each got their own card!

Look at the treats.  They are Slobber Chops! Wally and Sammy posted about them awhile ago.  You can read all about them here.

They are all home baked with natural ingredients and a percentage of sales goes to Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers. Freddie got peanut butter and Gloria got biltong.  I decided to let them have the treats now and save the presents for Christmas.  

Gobble guts Gloria was right in there.


Freddie Spaghetti loved them too! I had to monitor them so they didn't eat the whole bag.  Even though Freddie and Gloria are a little ticked at me because I'm making them wait until Christmas to open their presents, they still managed to get in the spirit of Christmas to thank their friends.

"Now Momma?"
"Yes, Fred."

"Thank you Wally!"

"Thank you Sammy!"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Can You Spot All Seven Hounds?


Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Mischief - Santa Came to Town

Fred spent most of the past weekend just laying around mad at me. He heard us talking about Santa coming to town Saturday night and how we were going to go and watch the parade with the grandkids, but he had to stay home with Gloria.

So he just spent the night depressed and mad.

Gloria, being the good girl she is was just happy to have the cushy spot on the couch.

The grandkids were so excited that they were going to see Santa that they didn't even mind the couple of hours sitting out in the cold.

I didn't get really great pictures because first off I took my small camera and second off I forgot to put a flash card in it!

I got a couple of pictures.  I think it only allowed me eight.  Eight!  I'm used to shooting 100 just to get one good one! All in all it was a great night and everyone had fun.

And I did get a picture of the big guy himself!

I don't know what Santa is going to think of Freddie after this weekend. He chewed all of the buttons off of my black sweater though. Then while we had company, he dragged an afghan out into the living room.  We told our company just to ignore him.  That worked well, as then he stole a tea towel, got into my knitting basket and chewed up one of my patterns.  He was in this mode all weekend.  Just looking for trouble.  I think he was rebelling because we were gone so much.  

I don't think Santa is going to like this at all!  What do you think?

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas and Turdsicles!

Freddie was so excited the other day about the gift exchange that he worked really hard  to help fill the stockings we got for Sammy and Wally and get them sent off to South Africa.  Many thanks to Jazzi's Momma for all her hard work putting the exchange together!

When we were done I brought out the box with Christmas cards and stamps to fill out for the card exchange.

He kind of lost interest but I edged him on and he filled out as many cards as he could......

.....until sheer exhaustion set in.

Where was Gloria you ask?

Well, now that the cold weather is here she always wants outside as the turdsicles are in full bloom!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Brandi!!

For My Daughter

So many times I looked at you 
And saw me standing there.
I kind of smiled to myself......
Which really wasn't fair.
To keep from you this feeling
How proud I am of you -
May all your dreams become
Fullfilled - as mine once
Did with you.

(This poem was given to me by mother years ago and I'm passing it on to my daughter)

Happy Birthday to our little baby girl!

Yes, like her father she too is a Seahawks fan. sigh!

And now has two beautiful babies of her own!

You'll always be our little baby girl!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Togetherness

Don't forget to vote for Freddie! Here's the link.


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