Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adopting a Girl!

That's right Fred's getting a big sister. It's official, I talked to Becki tonight from She is retiring Gloria after this litter, so we decided to give her a home here with Freddie Spaghetti! Maybe she can actually teach Fred some manners! We will probably get her around the end of March to the beginning of April. It will depend on Fred's appointment to be shhhh!(neutered)ha!ha! Can't wait for that! He's pretty ballsy and we hope that will help curb his attitude a bit. Sure we haven't told him he's getting the snip yet so he still struts around here like he's the king. Oh, heck who am I kidding, he is the king! Well, then I guess he'll just have to share his space with the queen when Gloria comes to live with us. Two Bassets? There goes the neighborhood. Can't wait!

And what did ole Freddie have to say on the subject of Gloria when we told him?

That b*tch better not touch my chair......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Or my bed...urrr I mean Mom and Dads bed.

And then I believe he actually stuck his tongue out at me!

We'll let that one slide since we already embarrassed him Christmas Eve with the antlers!

Don't worry Gloria, antler boy along with all our family will welcome you with open arms!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Time is Family Time!

We have had a fantastic Christmas Season! So far......after all, there is still New Year's Eve! (I would have said "Fabulous" but we all know that is Fred's word). Christmas Eve we had family and friends over and it was awesome. It adds so much more to Christmas when you have little ones around, too. It is priceless to see the sheer amazement and happiness on their faces! It reminds you of all those years ago when your kids were babies. Now it's the grandbabies turn. With big cousin, Mitch, showing little cousin, Cameron, "the ropes" at the Christmas dinner gathering. And yes this year they even had their own table to sit at. It's official, there is now a "kids table"! Emma toddling about in her red velvet dress and patent leather shoes just went with it and yes, she stole the show and everyones hearts with it!

The grandbabies got spoiled by friends and family alike. My mother-in-law had a great time seeing the great grandkids and helping them open the gifts that she brought.

And I know that my parents and father-in-law were here with us in spirit.

I think we were being really brave holding the "Gilbert" Christmas gathering at our house this year. With Fred being only eight months old and still in his "scare the little children and terrify everyone else mode", or what some people cutely refer to as the "puppy stage". Whatever! We kept him leashed so we had control, and it all worked out well. We only had to pull him off of my mother-in-law once. Thank god we had lots of strong men around to take turns holding him. Steve and our son Jake were pretty much Fred control. I guess he just thought everyone was there to see him. So later when Fred was completely crashed I just quietly told him that yes the party was for him. Hell, if it will keep him quiet I'll tell him Christmas just started because HE was born! By the end of it Fred was so exhausted that this is how he reacted Christmas morning when I told him Santa had been and gave him his gift.

I of course, got spoiled by Santa again this year with my Chanel No.5 perfume, earrings and a Royal Doulton figurine to add to my collection. But I was the most excited over the pasta drying rack Stevie got me. I love it! I've wanted one for while but apparently nobody carries them around our neck of the woods anymore!
Heck, we even had Clark Griswolds "Moose Mugs" from Christmas Vacation for our punch this year. I got them from
They are awesome! The real deal from Mark Klaus who designed them for Warner Bros.

Just ignore that Seattle Seahawks t-shirt. Goooooooo Lions! Yes, it's true. They have won there last three games!

It's such a great feeling after Christmas when everything is over and you pat yourselves on the back realizing you got through another one and you can now let loose and relax again, isn't it!

On another note, it looks like things have been extra busy for Becki over at as Turbo and Glorias' litter was born.

How cute is that! Brings back memories of when dear Freddie was born. Yeah, those days are over LOL! So, you had better hurry up and get in on the puppy picks 'cause these cuties are going to go fast! Congrats Becki!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Came to Town!

Yep. It's official. Santa came to our town last night to get some last minute gift ideas for Cameron and Emma. He was just awesome. You know Santa is good when he even makes the kids mother giddy! Cameron actually sat on Santas' knee and told him what he wanted. Sure little Emma screamed her head off if Brandi tried to take her near him, but she's only one. It's just not her year yet. Steve played an outstanding part as Santa! We even painted his eyebrows white! Then when Santa asked the kids Mom and Dad what they wanted, Brandi was taken by suprise and couldn't think of anything, but Phill jumped right in and said he wanted a garage. To which Santa replied, "How about some tinker toys?"

The whole event just added to the Christmas magic this year! And Steve.......well he was just happy to fulfill his dream of finally playing Santa for the grandbabies!

Honestly, I think Phill was "secretly" the most excited to see Santa!

Fred..... well as you can see is still anxiously waiting to see Santa himself.

And me, well I finally got my limoncello made!

Yep! It's gonna be a good Christmas!!! The whole family will be here for Christmas dinner and the Lions beat Tampa Bay in over time breaking their 26 game losing streak at away games. It's the miracle of Christmas I tell ya!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Magic

Christmas time really is magical! Yesterday we finally got to visit with our son, his son,(who we haven't seen in awhile) and his new girlfriend. (well, new to us) It was awesome to see them and we are so happy our family will be together over the holidays. Everybody seems so happy!

Life can really be great. Can't it! Steve is going to dress up as Santa this year so Cameron can warm up to the idea. (Will post a picture after Monday night.) And Fred......just look at how excited he is about Christmas!!

Well, better get going 'cause there is presents to wrap and cookies to bake, oh yeah, and limoncello to bottle! Cheers!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Dinner with Fred

Friday night we finally got Brandi and the kids over for family dinner (Phill was working late). We haven't had many since we got Fred as he loooooves the kids and just wants to play, but they're just not feelin' it! It's hard to explain to a one and three year old that he is just a baby too and he really isn't trying to hurt you when he comes running at you full tilt ready to pounce. He isn't attacking, he just wants to play. So until they are a little older and Fred is a little calmer, this will be the scene when the kids are over.

Here, let me get a little closer for you.

The grandbabies were free to roam without being mauled by the fiend. (Sorry Fred I really do love ya!)

Fred on the subject.......
I'm not an animal ya know!!

Yes....yes Fred you are. And doing things like this is what scares the children.

Notice Freddie's Detroit Lions collar? That's my boy! And my boys in blue and silver won against Green Bay yesterday!!! That's right! In your face cheeseheads!!Gooooooooo Lions!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I know. Your thinking, "Hey, that's just a picture of Fred". It's a picture of Fred before


a picture.......


...he ate his first Christmas tree ornament! I have no more to say on the matter.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow and Fred

So, it's Freds first experience with snow. Yep, first he just tried attacking all the snowflakes and since that didn't work he has decided he will just have to eat it all! This includes any snow that comes in the house on our boots, too. So as you can imagine it is a 24 hour job for him right now as we have gotten a fare bit of snow. It's not an easy job, but he figures nobody else is taking care of this white stuff so it's up to him. Now, I just think he has a tummy ache. What a trooper! I need to just tie him to the driveway and see if he could work his magic there. Then we wouldn't have to shovel. Hey, there could be money in this! Right now he's laying in the big chair looking forlornly out the front window thinking, "Dear God, will it ever end?" Once he is outside the problem is I can't get him in unless I take him out on a leash. 'Cause we all know that a basset hound just runs right to ya when you call them. In your dreams!

Fist he does this.......

....tries to hide.

Then he does this......

Gets ready to run.

Away from me. Oh, bring it on Ceasar! I'm sure there is some underlying problem here.'s called STUBBORNNESS!!

This is Fred rapping off something about the snow job is too big for him. He can't do it all by himself.....blah, blah, blah. Hey buddy, there's no union here. Just get out there and "FOCUS"!

Well, at least he's wore out when he comes in and yes he likes the colour purple. Movie in the making? Oh, that's right Oprah already did that! I do have to say that all this snow eating has helped curb his nipping. It couldn't have come at a better time considering Steve had a dream the other night that our pet was a snapping turtle with Freds head. Hmmmm.........need I say more. I think that ones for Dr. Phill. Actually, by now I think ole Freddie should have his own reality tv show! Don't you?
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