Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh, Deeeetroit!!

So Yeah, Detroit lost to Green Bay at the Thanksgiving Day game 27-15. They actually set a franchise record for losing eight consecutive Thanksgiving Day games. Yipee! No. Not really the kind of records you want them to be setting but, oh well. There's worse things in life. Right?  But lets start at the beginning.  First there was the long 2 1/2 hour drive down the 401.

It was a great day for a drive.  I love seeing all the windmills as we get closer to windsor.

They look so majestic; there almost mesmerizing!

Then, ya, we made it.

Such proud happy fans!  I think it's funny when I catch people in the background stuffing their faces. hehe!

I love it when they bring out that huge flag.  It really does make your heart go all a flutter.  I mean we're Canadian and I still get all choked up!

As for the game; I have to say that watching Aaron Rodgers play was just unbelievable. That guy is awesome! No wonder Green Bay is on top with that guy as their quarterback. Nothing phases him, he's right on the money every single time.

Detroit.....well.....I don't know where Matthew was throwing half the time, but in spite of his three interceptions they still managed to get some points on the board.
This little guy just down from us couldn't take it any more.

Aaaand passed out!

Detroit had lots of injuries..........

and just killed themselves with penalties.  Then that stunt  Ndamukong Suh pulled in the third quarter was just bad sportsmanship. It got him ejected from the game and hurt the team. Bad Suh! Bad, bad Suh!!
Okay enough with the reprimanding.
All in all it was a great day! The halftime show with Nickelback was awesome!

The song they did was so fitting for the United Way campaign.

Then Calvin Johnson even got a touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game. 

We got to see some sports celebrities.

Like Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw.

Hey, is that Jimmy Johnson?

I love that guy!

And I got to see my Nate Burleson.  Life is good!

Yes, it would have been great to see the Lions beat Green Bay but I still love the Lions and I love to watch them play at Ford Field. It's a great stadium, a great experience and we always have a great time!
Did I mention it was great?
Win or lose, that's my team! As Steve said on the drive home, "It could be worse, they could be like Seattle!" Poor Stevie, the Seahawks really suck this year. Goooooo Lions!!

And yes, the hounds survived just great with their sister Brandi coming over to furrysit!
They waited in the window for a bit.

Then gave up.

Freddie was mad at me for awhile when I got home and wouldn't talk to me.

But he got over it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Size Matters

This is still on the topic of the King Size bed matter. Apparently, it's driving me bonkers. But first I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the U.S. We will be over in Detroit again today at the Thanksgiving Day Football Game. Yeah!! Let's hope Detroit can be the ones to finally break Green Bays winning streak! If the Lions can just repeat last Sundays game, it would be a shoe in. Matthew, Calvin, Nate and Kevin Smith (the big surprise) played an awesome game. So, let's see that again today.(a girl can dream can't she?) To top it all off Nickelback is the halftime show. I know there was a lot of controversy over them doing the halftime show, but we love them; and it's not just because we are Canadian either!

As for last Sunday night, Fred went BONKERS when we got home from the football game. ( And yes, the Lions won 49-35 booyah!!) Gloria just wanted to cuddle and wouldn't leave my side. But boy oh boy was Freddie in a mood. It lasted until about 10:00 p.m. when he finally our bed of course and as you'll see by the picture below just how little room Stevie and I have when we go to bed at night.

Warning: Some viewers may find these pictures offensive or distasteful or both. But there was just no getting around it. It's the bare truth.
That's the view from Steves side of the bed. You'll notice the football game on the t.v. That's because there's always football on our t.v.

Aaaaaannnd this is my lovely view.

You'd think the least he could do is put his head up by us instead of his butt! Anywho, this is why we are desperately in need of a king size bed. Did I say desperately. I mean DESPERATELY. You just don't kick bassets out of your bed, you go bigger!

So you see, size really does matter!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Detroit Bound!

We're off to Detroit this morning to catch the 1:00 p.m. game against the Carolina Panthers "blah".  I don't know how Fred and Gloria know we're going but every time we get up and get ready to go to a Lions game they sense that we are about to leave them for the day.  Then the guilt trip starts.

"Don't do it Momma."  "Don't leave us again."  Yes, then the promises come.  Gloria says she won't eat poop anymore and Freddie, well there's just to many promises to mention as the list would go on forever!
But I am tough.  I do not cave in to them pulling at my heartstrings.  It is my day away from the kids....and yes I will miss them, but I will also enjoy every minute of it!

So they try to block the door.
"Come on Gloria!"  "We've got to disable this door so she can't get out!"

Silly puppies!

They'll enjoy some quality time when their sister Brandi (check out her blog  at YeeWittleThings) comes over to babysit them.  They just don't know it yet.

As for me, I've painted my nails blue, am putting on my game face and saying my prayer.  "Dear Lord, please let the Lions whomp the Panthers butt!!"

Goooooooooooo Lions!!!!

Snoopy's Dog Blog

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What? No Walk?

Freddie was a little depressed yesterday. Oh, it was my fault.  I have been so busy doing up soup for orders the last couple of days, that I haven't taken them on their usual walks.  Yes, I feel bad.  So, Fred kept sitting looking forlornly out the window just dreaming of when he'd go for another walk.

"I'll never see the outdoors again!"  (Mr. Dramatica)

Then he couldn't take it any more put on his best "woes me" look and started bugging.

"Momma, I want to go for a walk."

"MOMMA" "I said, I want to GO FOR A WALK!"

Since he was so demanding and since I felt guilty  and since he was getting ready to throw one of his famous hissy fits; I decided to take a break and at least take him and Gloria out back to run and play for a bit.

Boy did they run and play.

and run

and play.  Oh dear, Freddie really looks nasty there!

They ran a little more until their tongues started to hang out, then it was time to get back in the house.

So the dogs went to sleep.....

Okay, Freddie passed out.

Gloria curled on her bed.

And I  got to finish making my soup!!

Today they are so excited to be going back for their regular walk.  Aren't weekends great!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Puppy, Awwwwwe!!!

There's nothing cuter than a puppy especially a basset hound puppy. Becki at Autumn Blaze Bassets still has one female puppy that isn't spoken for from Daphne and Walles litter born October 29,2011.  Get ready to become a puddle.
Are you ready?


See I told you.  Nothing makes your heart melt like a puppy.

This of course brings me back to June 21, 2010 when we brought little Freddie home from Autumn Blaze. Here's one of the videos I took when he was a baby.

He's always talked back!

Now, if you will excuse me I think I'll go get a tissue and cuddle my baby!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I decided to give  Cokie the Cats "Thankful Thursday" blog hop a try since I am sooo thankful it's Thursday and Freddie's little "problem" seems to be gone. What was his problem? He stank! He had that "anal gland" thingy going on. Pheweeee!!

So, basically here's how it went yesterday.


"OMG, Freddie!  You stink!"

"I do not!!"

"Yeah, Fred you stink."
"And it's not just your normal "hound dog stench either."

"That's not nice, Momma."
 "Don't make me get all up there in your face!"

"Oh, cut it out Fred."
 "Your too short to be tough."

"Look, Gloria doesn't think I stink!"
"Freddie, buddy, she eats poop."  "Somehow I don't think she's a good judge of butt smell."

So I gave Fred a little extra fibre in hopes of firming things up to drain those nasty glands. (I know, I know.....but this had to be talked about)  Then I got on a tangent about my living room carpet and all the dog crud that befalls it; i.e. slobber, bones, rawhide, treats, butt crud, wienie crud, hair, know just your typical doggy crud; kicked the dogs outside for a bit and shampooed my carpet.  So, when Fred and Gloria came in they weren't too happy 'cause they had to stay in the kitchen for a bit.

Now here we are.  Thankful it's Thursday and the anal gland smell is gone as is the grungy carpet smell and look.

Now, we can start all over again!

Enjoy your Thursday, I know I will!!
Thanks, Cokie!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

"Why isn't it my birthday?"

"I want a birthday present!!"

"Oh, Freddie!" "Just shut up and hold the camera still." "We've got to get our big sister Brandis' (human) birthday wishes recorded!"

"Okay, here I go."

"Happy Birthday Brandi!!"

"Okay, your turn Freddie." "Hurry up before Momma catches us with her camera!"

"Happy, (sniff! sniff!) Birthday Brandi!"

"We love you!"

"Remember when Momma first brought me home, Brandi?"

"I should get a present just for cuteness."

"Ya, ya, I know it's your birthday"
"Whatever, Happy Birthday."

Monday, November 14, 2011


There it is.

The lonely cloth.

Discarded like a piece of garbage after Freddie has had his way with it.

Instances like this are a regular occurrence in our household . So, I'm just going to say it. Fred's a "klepto" and he's a "maniac", sooooooo I guess that makes him a "kleptomaniac".

It's mostly towels and cloths he steals.

But if the pickins' are slim he'll take almost anything, socks, slippers, shirts...etc....

Even pillows!

He'll jump up on any counter to get at a towel that is apparently  "taunting him".

He'll route through the clothes basket to find that "perfect cloth".

"I know it's in here some where."


"The perfect cloth!"

He steals towels off the shelf in the downstairs bathroom and brings them upstairs. 
He's even taken them outside if he's got a clear run at the door!

I just found this one the other day after our walk!

In desperate times he'll even knock over the clothes hamper to get at something.

The sad part is you almost (I said almost) feel sorry for him.  Even he knows he's got a problem!  After he steals something, he hides under the coffee table, lays on it and just whines.

Meanwhile, Gloria is running around saying,  "Oh my God, Oh my God!"  "Look what Freddie's got!"  "He's done it again!"  "Look Dad!"

Fred is clearly disgusted with himself.

"Crap!  I've done it again! 'my bad." 

All I can say is at least he doesn't chew holes in most of the stuff he steals anymore.  He seems to be able to stop at the stealing part now.  So hopefully, maybe, someday, even that will stop too!

Until then, I don't know......maybe some counselling?

Snoopy's Dog Blog
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