Friday, September 30, 2011

Goooo Lions!!

Sundays in our house we get up early. Steve gets any yard work done (grass cutting, dog poop cleanup)and makes sure the fridge has some cold beer in it. I get any housework done and plan our football snack menu. On this menu was nacho chips with cheese and deep fried wings. Yummy! We put on our football garb and get the hounds walked so they will be tired for the game. Then Steve goes downstairs to warm up the big screen and watch pre-game shows while I apply my blue nail polish and Lions tatoos.

And we are football ready!

Fred and I assume the position in my/his chair while Steve assumes his. As you can see at the bottom of my chair Gloria takes her position on her bed at my feet.

Now since Seattle Seahawks are Stevies team, it is a little weird when watching Detroit with him.

Here he is in his Lions Gear, sitting in his Seahawks chair with his buddy Matt Hasselbeck (who now plays for the Titans)beside him. After the Lions game he runs up stairs and changes into his Seahawks gear for their game. What a fan!

The Detroit Lions proved just how good they are this year on Sunday when the played against the Vikings in Minnesota. Losing 20-0 at half time they came back out, changed things up, tied the game and then won in overtime with a field goal. Now that's a team with confidence! This is the first time they have been 3-0 since 1980 and their first win in the Metrodome since 1997!
Matthew Stafford threw for 378 yards completing 32 of 46 passes. Just 64 of those yards were in the first half. Coming back calm, cool and collected in the second half he threw another 314 yards. Amazing!

Look how excited Freddie is!

Calvin Johnson had seven catches for 108 yards and 2 touchdowns. This was Calvins career first of at least 2 touchdowns receiving in 3 straight games.
Everyone played great. Brandon Pettigew, Titus Young (keep your eye on this rookie), Jahvid Best, Nate Burleson:), Kyle Vanden Bosch, Cliff Avril and Suh all had a good game. If something doesn't work they switch it up until it does and Matthew has learned to throw the ball away if there is no play available. They look like a real team!! This Sunday they're in Dallas. Really? If they pull that off then I think we may have ourselves a Superbowl team!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Detroit Lions Home Opener

We went to the first regular season game in Detroit on Sunday. It was awesome!! It was tough leaving the hounds for the day. Well, kinda.(ha,ha) Especially Gloria as this is her first football season with us. She's not used to me being gone so long and she is a Mommas girl! Fred had his usual fit.

"I want something from the game." "I want a new Detroit Lions collar, Momma!!"

"I mean it!" "I'll wreck Gloria's stupid pink toy!"

We wished Gloria "God speed" and left her with Freddie. Thank goodness they had their big sister Brandi to come over and babysit a little later and spend some time with them.

Yes, they are spoiled!

Then we were just a couple more fans at the game. You tell me what it looks like the girl behind us is doing. That's what I thought.

The Lions "mauled" Kansas City 48-3!! Their largest margin of win in their franchise history. Woooo hooo! The game was sold out and fans were going crazy.
Detroit fans had no problem getting loud. Fine it wasn't "Seahawks" loud, but it was loud! Note: the Seahawks fans will probably be in the Guinness World Book of Records this year for the largest number of people crying in one stadium!

It was great to be at a game where the fans weren't leaving 10 minutes early because they were losing. Matthew Stafford was player of the game throwing for 294 yards, four touchdown passes of which two were to Calvin Johnson. Jahvid Best was back up to speed getting one of the tds. as did Keiland Williams. "My" Nate Burleson got 93 yards receiving 7 passes and rookie Titus Young was a great surprise getting 89 yards receiving 5 passes. For a smaller guy he lept up to catch the ball just like Calvin does. Here's a few shots from the game.

Kinda looks like Nate and Calvin are holding hands here. Doesn't it? Hmmmm. "I love ya buddy!"

Suh in action!

A bunch of the Chiefs having a hissy fit (do they know Freddie?) early in the fourth quarter when the score was 41-3.

This Sunday they play in Minnesota where they haven't won since 1997. If they can just keep it up and win like they did in Tampa, this would be their first 3-0 start since 1980!! So it's time to kick some Viking butt!! Sorry Tanya!
The only thing that disappointed me at the game was not being able to get my Nate Burleson jersey. We went to the stand outside the Pro Shop to get one made up 'cause you can't get a "Burleson #13" jersey in the Pro Shop there (what's up with that?")and they had run out of my size. I mean, come on, we were there at 11:30 a.m. Not very well stalked up for a home opener! Oh well, I just had to buy a few other things then! Life's tough!
We were exuberantly exhausted on the way home. Saw lots of Lions fans at the En Route stops we made on the 401 along the way but were so glad we finally made it home to see our babies.
All is right with the hounds again once their Momma's home!

And yes........
Freddie did get his new collar! Gooooooooo LIONS!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Deep Fried

I don't know why but I seem to have a craving this week for everything "deep fried". Maybe it's this no-fat, no-salt diet I've been on the past week so I can fit into my dress for our dinner reservations tonight! I 've never owned a deep fryer. But, guess what? Now I do. I happened to look in our Home Hardware flyer yesterday and they just happened to have a Deloghni deep fryer on 55% off! Since I'm already craving deep fried food this put me over the edge. My will power went out the window and I'm am now the proud owner of a gorgeous, yes, gorgeous, stainless steel Deloghni deep fryer.

How can you not want to fry something in this baby!
Fifty-eight bucks! What a steal!

Look at Glorias tongue.

"Mmmmmm! Deep fried Momma, can't wait!"(I think she gets that "southern drawl" from me)
"Sorry, sweetie. That stuff's not good for you. Your Dad and I will have to take the brunt of this one!"

So, tonight after my Chateaubriand and Caesars salad, I will have to come home and deep fry something! Anything!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playtime for Fred and Gloria

There's been lots of playtime for Fred and Gloria in the backyard this summer. It's usually short lived because of the heat. Gloria tends to peter out first, but she has started outsmarting Freddie by running with him for a bit and then as he keeps going, she stops and just lays down and waits for him to come around again, then attack.

Here's Fred running his butt off thinking Gloria is behind him. What a sucker!!

Her plan works perfectly every time!

"I'm telling Mom, Gloria!"

Oh dear, that just looks nasty!

Oh, the day in the life of a hound.

Get up
Repeat all of the above.
Oh yeah. Bat eyes of lovable self at Momma so she's putty in my hands.
Works every time!

Now here's a short playtime video.

I mean, come on! How cute are they! My Babies!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tonight's Moon

This was taken 10 minutes ago from our front porch.


Beautiful Morning

Aside from the somber presence of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, yesterday was a gorgeous September day. I was awakened very early not by one of the hounds cold wet noses touching my face but the waft of a dog fart touching my nose. So of course I knew that one if not both of these hounds had to poop! Good morning Momma!
The only good thing about this was that if I hadn't gotten up then I would have missed this beautiful dawn sky.

Thank you for that Fred and Gloria!

By the time I got my camera, snapped a few shots of the pretty dawn sky and went back in the house to attend the hounds this was the scene.

(Freddie likes a body pillow like his Momma)

That's okay 'cause Steve was still in bed (of course, lucky bugger!) so I put on the coffee and had a nice quite morning all by myself "while my pretty ones slept!!"
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