Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mischief - Competition

Freddie had some competition for his Monday Mischief spot this week.  He was his little bugger of a self all weekend that's for sure. After the wind blew a bunch of paper and garbage into our yard,

Fred of course decided he needed to shred it all. Then in the house after I changed the ink in our printer, Freddie stole the box and started chewing it, but all of a sudden little miss quiet goody two shoes Gloria started barking, stole the box from Freddie and actually had fun ripping it apart.

"Look at me Momma!"  "I'm girls gone wild!"

Freddie was stunned at this new development in Gloria's behaviour.
"What the f@#&?"

He was getting a little annoyed with me either being in the kitchen or on the computer.

"Momma, I think it's "Freddie" time now."
"If you don't come and spend some quality time with me, I will not be responsible for my actions."
And a few minutes later, he came out of our computer room with the waste basket.

"I gave you fair warning!"

"Nom, nom, nom......"

But Sunday, the real mischief maker competition came when we babysat our grandchildren.

Our grandson Cameron turned out to be the real mischief maker making faces at his grandma through the front screen door! (What kid hasn't squished his face up against the window!)

"What?......That's it?.....That's all the kids got?"

If you really want to get into some mischief of your own creating awesome scrapbook pictures, pop over to my daughters blog Yee Wittle Things.  She's hosting a giveaway for My Memories Suite software.  It's amazing what you can do with your pictures!

P.S. - We just found out this morning from Oskar that our friend Remington had been terribly sick all weekend! We are so glad his medicine from the vet finally worked for him and he is feeling better today.  You and Beth rest up buddy!

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  1. yay freddie glad you had a fun destructive weekend and even gloria joined in a bit xxx ps bassetmomma i am shocked that your a granma you so dont look old enough xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ha ha! How dare you have other things to do!

  3. Looks like you had a fun filled michievious weekend

    Urban Hounds

  4. At least ya'll don't has to buy a paper shredder but you may wanna invest in some glass cleaner.
    I do likes to smoosh my luverly nose on da glass too


  5. ALl those smoosh marks and fingerprints will be missed in years to come.

  6. bol those are sure some great pics of all of you! Love the cewed up stuff!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. BOL, Freddie you did give fair warning!!! go girl! Way to join into the action!!!


  8. LOL! You're a very naughty boy, Fred and you bring influences to Miss goody Gloria. Well, what to do if your mom doesn't play with you, right?

    Cameron is so cute!

  9. Girls just wanna have fun too don't they Gloria - can't let those boys have it all their own way - woofs & licks from Magic xx

  10. Everytime I visit, I try to stay serious, but I can't. It is such a pleasure to laugh at their mischieves and their innocent faces...

  11. Ummmmm, bad doggies. Looks like fun though teehee.

  12. "Girls Gone Wild" hahaha...that made me laugh. And that picture of Freddie at the end is hilarious! The kids sure did have fun at your house! Thank you for babysitting the little rugrats ;)

    1. P.S. Thank YOU for mentioning my Giveaway! :)

  13. Oh my, I though my pups were really into mischief when they stole my girls bag of movie theater popcorn off the table and had themselves a little feast, but yours win lol. Judging from the pics, I bet you couldn't stay mad at those adorable faces for too long though :)

  14. Your "Fred vs. Gloria Mischief Contest" story had me truly laughing out loud - what a great way to start a Monday morning! And those pictures are GREAT, you really captured it all!! Fred really knows how to get your attention! Bwahahahaha!!!!!! :D

  15. Oh boy! Those om-nom sounds are bad news...

    Freddie has this action-man look. Have you tried auditioning him to star in "The Expendables 2"? I mean, I bet he could pretty well act the part given to Chuck Norris or Schwarzenegger.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  16. Good thing that wastebasket wasn't full or there would have been a much bigger mess! With the grandson over for a visit did they keep each other entertained, or was it double mischief?!!

  17. Oh, I almost depend on my crew of paper shredders. Gloria, is this what happens to you in the spring? BWHAHA! Hopping over to check out daughter's giveaway.

  18. How fun your mischief is!! THANKS fur sharing it with us. I am really partial to the stealing of the wastebasket.

  19. Shredding cardboard doesn't happen in my house unless I hold part of the box and make it a toy. Besides, the cat likes sleeping in the boxes. I think the dogs have realized that they may or may not be randomly attacked out of any box in the house at any given time.

  20. Well Fred, at least you gave your momma a fair warning LOL. And it did make for a very amusing post.

  21. Move over Freddie buddy Gloria is taking over. BOL!

  22. BOL Gloria's face in the second picture! Priceless
    Dachshund Nola

  23. LOL and here I thought we had mischief this weekend. Wonderful pictures, especially the one of your grandson.

  24. Freddie you are too much! LOL! You sure keep your mom and Gloria very busy!!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  25. I love to shred paper - especially paper towels and kleenex!

    Your pal, Pip

  26. You still got snow! I love the wastepaper basket pictures..

  27. Well Fred you did give her fair warning! Now you will have to watch Miss Gloria.
    We bet she soon forgave you with your beautiful eyes!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  28. Wow that is some serious mischief going on there!

  29. Ohhh, I love "bad dog" stories!! Seriously. I do. They are fun to experience, read, plus write about!! Yep!! I rated this blog post "funny" and "cool".... Because that is the best way to describe it!! ;op

  30. Hey what a weekend and with Gloria's innocence (eyes have it every time). A great waste shredder Freddie.

    I sooooo love the photos - they are great.

  31. That's a great blog hop. Wish HH had been around today so we could have participated. We are always into something over here... Maybe next time.

    pawhugs, Max

  32. I don't know, I think Freddie was trying to pick up the garbage outside and inside he even went and got the trash can to put it in, LOL. What a helpful guy!

  33. LOLOLOL Oh my! We love the expressions of Freddie's face! Looks like you had you're hands full Freddie. Keep up the mischief. Hope you are having a great Monday. -Weinerful Gang

  34. Freddie-
    You do what you gotta do to get the peeps off the computer and playing with the dogs! I just learned a few new tricks from you! Thanks Pal!


  35. They were great pics - Freddie you had a whole chapter on Monday Mischief didn't you!! How did the waste paper basket pull-up?? Is it Ok??

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  36. quite the troublemaker you 2. Though I think we could give you guys a run for your money of who are the biggest troublemakers. Love the pictures!

    Maddy & Owen

  37. Whoa! It looks like you had some heavy mischief going on this weekend!
    Freddie is the best one though but your grandson is the cutest!
    I think I am going to have to send Leroy over to you house one weekend:)

  38. You guys rock!!

    Way to go Freddie that you've recruited, not 1 but 2 Mischief Makers into your Mischief Gang - I'm so impressed you got that goody two shoes Gloria to join in - great work buddy!!

    Don't forget to tell your Mum that I said, my Dad had to PAY, yes PAY for a shredder and you're happily doing it for free!! Tee Hee

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  39. now THAT was some mischief! the series of photos were fabulous!

  40. I do the same thing, Freddie! i tell them once, i tells them twice, and if they still don't pay attention... well, i get one of their shoes or do other things they don't likes. hehe! we checked out your daughter's blog and it is kewl! wow! what a lovely family you have. and she paid the highest compliment by saying she loves Fred & Gloria : P now that's a keeper.

  41. Ha - go, Gloria! You wild woman!

    Of course, Freddie ups the ante by stealing, not just the trash but the whole trash bin. You silly goose.

    And finally, the grandson getting in on the mischief is so appropriate. Sounds like you've got the makings of a perfect mischief storm brewing. :)

  42. Go, Gloria!! It's always the quiet ones... :)


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