Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mischief - Header Troubles

I have been trying all weekend to change my header picture to one of the pictures below for summer.

As you can see by my header, it hasn't been changed.  I finally gave up as I started to get buggy and didn't want to ruin my whole weekend over it.

Oh, the idea seemed simple enough.

But of course Blogger wasn't going to let it be that easy.

The problem  Blogger says is my "quota" is full so it won't let me upload a picture for my header unless I buy some more space.  WTF?? I thought blogging was free.  I didn't realize I only had so much space and I don't know what "picassa" is!   I've never used it. My other problem, I forget how to make my picture fit my header space! 
Now I'm usually pretty good at just farting around and figuring out things for myself but sometimes your computer can finally get the best of you and you just say "screw it" and walk away so you can keep your sanity  which is what I did the pas weekend. :)

At least I think I'm still sane.......sometimes...........

So I would like to ask if anyone else has had this problem with Blogger and their header and if so what did you do to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

So you see Blogger is the one full of mischief this fine Monday morning!

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  1. I always thought blogging was free too.
    As a fellow technophobe, I sympathise.
    That second photo is just perfect for Summer, hope you find a way to change your header.
    Lynne x

  2. I had that problem and I had to purchase more storage space. I still can't get a memorial picture of Dr. Z to work though

    urban hounds

  3. Oh I dunno about all this! Good luck to you, those pictures are great!

  4. Okays, dis is what you do....
    go to PicASSa, dat is where Blogger stores your fotos.
    Delete your previous header fotos and side bar images...da ones you ain't currently using and dat will free up space furs a header foto.
    Don't delete fotos dat you has used in your posts cuz they will be deleted on your blog.
    Nows, you can email me if you needs more help.


  5. Hello, Deccy's Other Mum here... yes, we had a similar problem with picasa! Picasa is where blogger stores all the photo's you have ever used on your blog and you are allowed 1024MB of storage before you have to upgrade. The problem we had was that we hadn't reduced the size of the images that we used on the blog... I mean the images from the camera are about 5MB each and reduced to say 800x600 pixels they become just over 100kb so there is a huge difference in size.
    From what I have been told elsewhere, picasa is free for unlimited 800x600 (or less) size images but I can't see anything on picasa that supports that. I had to go through the tedious task of reducing the size of my images on picasa to free up some space, the good news is that you can do this through the site... go to Picasaweb and you should find your blog photos there. Unfortunately its a bit of a chore going through and editing each one but if you do a few each day you will soon free up the space... click on your photo and under the actions tab choose 'edit in creative kit' and check the size of the image, if it is large then change it so that the longer edge is no greater than 800 pixels then save and choose replace the image already there. This shouldn't affect the size of your images showing on your blog.

    Hope this helps you out but feel free to email if you think we can help in any way.

  6. Hi and hope you get it sorted. Look forward to the Summer header.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. My Mom is too dumb to fix that problem! Oops! Maybe I should'nt have said that! Don't tell her OK?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Oh I hate those mischievous computer issues! They turn fun things into headaches (an understatement!). I love all the pictures you posted today, I don't know how you can choose just one! :D Freddie looks so protective of Gloria in the first one - they look so happy together!

  9. Very frustrating! Blogger is making things difficult for so many reasons lately. I know when I did my header for the first time I just sized it in paint first (rectangular) to my liking and upload that version after stretching it. I can't remember really now though lol. I'll try and help you figure it out! Btw, I LOVE that last picture of Fred & favourite :)

  10. Looks like you got some helpful advice. Hope you an resolve your problems.

    As a WordPress user, I am sorry to say I take a little pleasure in seeing that Blogger is not always as easy to use as it promises. Misery loves company?

    All the pictures are wonderful. I'm particularly fond of the second one. But I have a feeling the first one will look best stretched across the top of the header.

    Can't wait to come back to see the new header.

  11. Sorry that I can't give any good advice or suggestions! I'm a big computer dummy and most of the time, I need help from Rosie.

    Great summer pictures of Fred and Gloria! They always make me smile / laugh!!!

  12. I hope you get it figured out! I haven't been blogging long enough I guess to have the storage issue. I really don't want to have to pay though..I thought it was free also!

  13. Puddles told you exactly what has to be done... I don't put hardly anythingy on my sidebar fur just this reason. I think blogger is just one big PHarrrrrt sometimes.

  14. It sounds to me like you have not been resizing the photo's you load - I never go above 1000 x 750 in size. Anything above that and you are looking at the problem you have - yes blogger does have limited storage space and if you use small photos it can last a long time......the only way around it is to

    1. go back and delete some photos and resize others - a lot of work or
    2. Start a new blog.....and make sure your photos are small

  15. I hope you eventually get it all figured out, any one of those photos would make a perfect header.

  16. I recently had the same issue with blogger telling me the exact same thing. I ended up switching to using Flickr to host my pictures, and just using the HTML links to make them appear on my blog. But that only works because I already pay for a Flickr account and so have unlimited space over there.

  17. Sorry you're having problems - you did the right thing to walk away….

    You brought back memories of the early days when we were on Blogger - we used to get so frustrated - our solution - we moved to Wordpress!! I have to say it's been a lot easier :)

    Good luck - the new pictures are great :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  18. Mom designs blogs and there were/are times that she will say a wordy durd or two when working with blogger!! Teehee, I know when it gets really bad cause she will shut up her computer and walk away saying soomething about never getting on blogger again....but she always returns, works on it again and sometimes does a happy dance!! BOL!! Mom said that she will look at your account if you need her too and help you out!

    Great pictures BTW!!


  19. I can sympathize with the computer frustration. I use and I'm very very happy with it. I read about blogger crap a lot, so I'm glad I never tried that for my sites.

  20. I can totally relate to this frustration. I have spent countless hours to get pictures just right on there only to have it all be different then what I thought it was going to look like. I don't know about having to buy extra space though... seriously ?
    Oh yeah, I'm new here happy to be your newest follower. Thanks for the link up. Your basset's are so cute. SO CUTE!

  21. Sorry you are having that problem. I guess it is something we will have to watch for, too.

  22. I didn't know it was limited space either! Great. Now I'll have to go resize all my stuff too :(

    Hope you get it worked out soon! I also like the last pic of Fred and Gloria. They both just look so regal!

  23. Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

    Double bummer... we love the last pic if you're taking votes! Now I would offer Mom's services gladly if she (read this quietly Miss Janet)... knew more than the Advanced Beginner level of computers! 2nd... we have wordpress, so, we're totally confused!

    We have that thingie about free until you reach a certain amount of those bite thingies... then you have to PAY for more! ugh... we're still newish, so we're ok. Picasa??? hmmm... sounds like a famous painter mispelled!!!

  24. Blogger can be sooooo irritating and frustrating!!

    Hmmm...interesting new gimmick they have about making us "purchase" more space? That's a new one to me, but you are right, there goes "free" blogging, that's how they are gonna "get us"

    Picasa if I am correct is like a photo site. You can save your photos there and I believe it is now owned by Google+ (as is Blogger)

    But...I am technologically challenged myself so don't take my word for it!

    I love the photo of Freddie's ears flying in the wind!

  25. I had the same thing happen to me when I was on blogger. I just went into my Picassa album and deleted some old pictures from a few years ago and that fixed it. Good luck!

  26. Looks like Blogville to the rescue. I'm glad to know there are a lot of smart, helpful folks out there. Looking forward to seeing what the new header looks like.

  27. I got the "out-of-space" message a while back. I just coughed up the extra dough and got the extra 20gig. I am way too lazy to go back and shrink my old photos!

    For my headers, I just make sure I trim my image into a rectangular shape, and usually they fit OK. It's just not worth the time and frustration to make it perfect.

  28. I'm sorry I don't know how to fix the problem....but I bet you have a hard time picking a header picture according to this batch I see a few I like ;)

  29. Sorry, I don't know how to use blogger. Great photos though!!! I really like the second one where his ears are all floppy and his mouth his hanging open. At least you were able to share them, even if they are not on the header.

  30. If mom has learned anything it's that when Blogger is feeling a bit bitchy about an issue, there's no use wasting a lot of time trying to make it work. Good luck. Sounds like there are some good suggestions. Let us know what you end up doing. Oh, we like Freddie's flying ears photo too.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  31. That last picture is fabulous! If you notice on my pics they usually say "Optimized by". I do that to save space and avoid having to buy more. A not too technical explanation is that it shrinks (compresses and re-sizes) the your photos and hopefully maintains some quality. There are a lot of websites that offer optimizing programs. Maybe you could see if one would work for you?

  32. Ugh I had the same problem last year! I had to purchase more space :(

  33. Love that second pic! It made me smile! Yep, we just went through the same thing and had to purchase more space....

  34. Those pictures are awesome! I bet you have a hard time choosing which one to use when you figure out the header problem. Good luck!

  35. Not sure why, but there are times when Blogger makes me want to throw my computer straight through a window. Thankfully, I haven't done it yet!

    Critter Alley

  36. Sorry, I can't offer much help. I just had Ann at Zoolatry re-do my header picture. I just get too frustrated and usually mess things up when I try to do it myself.

  37. we had to buy more space spent a zillion hours on our blog too. Frustrating
    Benny & Lily

  38. Sorry, I'm not on blogger. I think picture 2 would be a great summer picture. I hope you can figure things out. Good luck.

    Happy Monday,

  39. oh, these are terrific pictures too! Mom's new to this too, usually learns by playing around. But she's learned that when she gets frustrated.... it's time to walk away and take a break. Works fur me, usually means a walk!

  40. Oh Blogger! We are sorry. We try our best too but to have them tell your need to make room. It's crazy! Either way we love the last picture. It's way too cute! :0)
    ~Weinerful Gang~

  41. If you have software that will let you change to resolution of your photos - or if Picassa does it - 72 pixels/inch is perfect for the web (but not for printing). Reducing to that reduces the file size as well.

  42. We did have to buy some more picture space from Blogger....a long time ago. It was cheap and we haven't had another request (knock on wood).

    Love those happy, joyful ears!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  43. Hey BM, what are the sizes of your pictures? I know Picasa had some free unlimited space as long as your pictures belonged to specific resolutions and sizes. Let me check that for you.

    "Picasa Web Albums had a 1GB per-user data cap, but now, G+ users can upload any photo smaller than 2048x2048 or video shorter than 15 minutes without it counting towards to the 1GB cap"

    Huggies and Cheese,


  44. Love those pics! Have had a ton of probs with posting on the new blogger so wish I could HELP!!! Thanks fur stopping by xxxxxxxx
    Sam and Avalon

  45. That last picture is just delightful!!!!!! We hope you find some help! Our blog as it was the day we started it! Meowm figures it is easiest just to leave it be.

  46. Blogging is free. storing and sharing photos, that gets expensive for them, so if you do it a lot, they start asking you to chip in.

    I run an image intensive blog myself so I quickly ran out of the space they offered me with my blog. Since I pay for hosting for my own website I just started uploading my images there and use that (so I pick use a URL when I want to add a picture)

    You can get a flikr account which is free and do something similar. They too have limits of how much space you can take up with your pictures before they require you to upgrade to a 'bigger account' so if you are very image intensive it might not be a bad idea to find a cheap webhosting account with unlimited data transfer


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