Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

As you can see below, Freddie was pretty excited to have made the cut on Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday page.

Naturally he spent the day signing autographs while trying to flee the paparazzi.  He even took a run at one that kept pestering him.

"Get that camera outta my face!!"

Okay, that was freaky.

By noon Freddie was pretty exhausted and had to have a power nap.

After lunch he spent some quiet time with Gloria in the yard. Trying not to let fame go to his head (yeah, right!), he promised her he'd always be there for her.

"I won't change, Gloria.  I promise."

I told Freddie that even though he's famous, he'd still have to pull his own weight around here.  Yep!  You can guess what his answer to that was.

(Snicker, Snicker)

"Whatever, Momma."  "Now get me another doggie bon, bon!"

Thank God for the end of the day when Freddie finally collapsed from swelled head exhaustion.

And Gloria was left thinking to herself.............

"Foiled again!"

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!!!"

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