Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I decided to give  Cokie the Cats "Thankful Thursday" blog hop a try since I am sooo thankful it's Thursday and Freddie's little "problem" seems to be gone. What was his problem? He stank! He had that "anal gland" thingy going on. Pheweeee!!

So, basically here's how it went yesterday.


"OMG, Freddie!  You stink!"

"I do not!!"

"Yeah, Fred you stink."
"And it's not just your normal "hound dog stench either."

"That's not nice, Momma."
 "Don't make me get all up there in your face!"

"Oh, cut it out Fred."
 "Your too short to be tough."

"Look, Gloria doesn't think I stink!"
"Freddie, buddy, she eats poop."  "Somehow I don't think she's a good judge of butt smell."

So I gave Fred a little extra fibre in hopes of firming things up to drain those nasty glands. (I know, I know.....but this had to be talked about)  Then I got on a tangent about my living room carpet and all the dog crud that befalls it; i.e. slobber, bones, rawhide, treats, butt crud, wienie crud, hair, know just your typical doggy crud; kicked the dogs outside for a bit and shampooed my carpet.  So, when Fred and Gloria came in they weren't too happy 'cause they had to stay in the kitchen for a bit.

Now here we are.  Thankful it's Thursday and the anal gland smell is gone as is the grungy carpet smell and look.

Now, we can start all over again!

Enjoy your Thursday, I know I will!!
Thanks, Cokie!


  1. Hi,
    I am a Basset owner from the UK (or do they own us?!). Just found your blog. Bassets do not change much wherever they live!

    Will keep reading your blog. My hounds are on:~

    Kind regards,

    Lancing, West Sussex. United Kingdom.

  2. Good luck with the fiber; I usually end up at the vet for expressing; she has shown me how to do it but I am all thumbs and of course, no one likes it! Fred, you have a GREAT smile!

  3. Now that is something to be thankful for!!! What an adorable pack!

  4. What wonderfully handsome hounds! Baroooo!


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