Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heart of Gold

When somebody does a completely unselfish act to help out a fellow stranger it touches all of our hearts.  When  you personally know that someone, it touches you even deeper.  Becki at AutumnBlaze Bassets has done just that.  On Oct. 22nd Becki responded to a woman from GoldenAssestKennels reaching out over the internet desperately in need of a foster mother for her 5 newly born Basset Hound puppies, whose mother was lost during a c-section delivery leaving the puppies orphans.  Becki offered up her help without batting an eye.  Having a Basset of her own who was going through a false pregnancy, it was a perfect fit.

Does this red headed  foster Mom with her newly adopted pups look familiar?

That is Lola, Freddie's "biological" Mom! (awwwwe!!)

On top of this, Becki was awaiting the delivery of a litter of pups from her own Daphne and Walle due any day.  They were born on Oct. 29th.  Eight beautiful Basset puppies.

3 males and 5 females

Needless to say that Beckis days are going to be pretty full for awhile.  My heart goes out to Becki at AutumnBlaze for her unselfish act of kindness.  The world needs more people like you!

My heart also goes out to the people at Golden Asset Kennels for the loss of their dear "Ellie".

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