Sunday, November 20, 2011

Detroit Bound!

We're off to Detroit this morning to catch the 1:00 p.m. game against the Carolina Panthers "blah".  I don't know how Fred and Gloria know we're going but every time we get up and get ready to go to a Lions game they sense that we are about to leave them for the day.  Then the guilt trip starts.

"Don't do it Momma."  "Don't leave us again."  Yes, then the promises come.  Gloria says she won't eat poop anymore and Freddie, well there's just to many promises to mention as the list would go on forever!
But I am tough.  I do not cave in to them pulling at my heartstrings.  It is my day away from the kids....and yes I will miss them, but I will also enjoy every minute of it!

So they try to block the door.
"Come on Gloria!"  "We've got to disable this door so she can't get out!"

Silly puppies!

They'll enjoy some quality time when their sister Brandi (check out her blog  at YeeWittleThings) comes over to babysit them.  They just don't know it yet.

As for me, I've painted my nails blue, am putting on my game face and saying my prayer.  "Dear Lord, please let the Lions whomp the Panthers butt!!"

Goooooooooooo Lions!!!!

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  1. It's tough to leave the kids behind, I'm a sucker for puppy eyes too.

  2. You guys are funny!!

    I get a Dentastix when Mum goes out - so I actually run into my bed - no blocking the door for me, cos the bed is where the Dentastix are handed out and I'm not gonna miss out on one of them!! :)

    I hope your Mum enjoyed the game,


    Your pal snoopy :)

  3. Instead of blocking the door I threaten to run out of it. It makes it really hard for my people to leave without me.

  4. I guess you got your wish for a win! Hopefully the dawgs will forgive you. :)

  5. I hope you had a great time at the game!!!
    I am sure Fred and Gloria will forgive you, eventually!

  6. LOL Such smart pups! And absolutely adorable too! :D

  7. How can you leave faces like that!

  8. I'm sure you 2 can figure out a creative way to "CON" yer pawrents into not leaving. WEe canines are pretty smart aren't we....Sophie!

  9. Hounds think they are the Boss - that is Bruce Springsteen; LOL. Hope the game went well and I know Fred and Gloria will be fine :).


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