Monday, November 14, 2011


There it is.

The lonely cloth.

Discarded like a piece of garbage after Freddie has had his way with it.

Instances like this are a regular occurrence in our household . So, I'm just going to say it. Fred's a "klepto" and he's a "maniac", sooooooo I guess that makes him a "kleptomaniac".

It's mostly towels and cloths he steals.

But if the pickins' are slim he'll take almost anything, socks, slippers, shirts...etc....

Even pillows!

He'll jump up on any counter to get at a towel that is apparently  "taunting him".

He'll route through the clothes basket to find that "perfect cloth".

"I know it's in here some where."


"The perfect cloth!"

He steals towels off the shelf in the downstairs bathroom and brings them upstairs. 
He's even taken them outside if he's got a clear run at the door!

I just found this one the other day after our walk!

In desperate times he'll even knock over the clothes hamper to get at something.

The sad part is you almost (I said almost) feel sorry for him.  Even he knows he's got a problem!  After he steals something, he hides under the coffee table, lays on it and just whines.

Meanwhile, Gloria is running around saying,  "Oh my God, Oh my God!"  "Look what Freddie's got!"  "He's done it again!"  "Look Dad!"

Fred is clearly disgusted with himself.

"Crap!  I've done it again! 'my bad." 

All I can say is at least he doesn't chew holes in most of the stuff he steals anymore.  He seems to be able to stop at the stealing part now.  So hopefully, maybe, someday, even that will stop too!

Until then, I don't know......maybe some counselling?

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  1. Haha! What great photos! He looks innocent to me! Very cute dogs you have.

  2. He is SO cute! I bet if you taught him to retrieve he would start stealing it, then bringing it to you!

  3. Thanks for joining the hop!!
    Freddie is the cutest kleptomaniac I have ever seen!!
    I love the picture with him and the pillow!!!

  4. Haha

    Fred and I seem to have a lot in common!! I didn't know there was a term for it!!

    Although I don't have to do it all the time - mainly when Dad's gone to work and Mum's not giving me enough attention - after a run is a good time - you know when I'm over tired and really should take a nap!!

    I don't hide my finds though, I parade them in front of Mum so she'll chase me - I'm really good at chase, I've got my routes all worked out, I can even go backwards!! Impressive, hey?!

    Only problem is sometimes I run into my bed with it (no idea why I do this?!) and Mum always catches me - I try to growl her off but she does the unthinkable and blows on my nose!! So not fair - I spit it out immediately!!

    So cool to hear about your mischief Fred through the Blog Hop - keep up the good work and sorry to hear Gloria keeps getting you busted - you really need to get her onboard buddy!! :)

    Glad you're having fun,

    Your new pal Snoopy :)

  5. Fred, you sound like a real good dog by my standards! Thanks so much for joining the bloghop so I got to meet you!

    I also like to raid the laundry basket, but I specialise in bras and socks. Once I've secured a piece of clothing, I like to parade it round the house, shake it and growl a little just like my buddy Snoopy described above.

    No need to feel ashamed - just show off your loot :o)

    Lots of puppy kisses,


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