Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oreo Cookie

It's true.  There's only one way to eat an Oreo cookie.  It's a fact.  It doesn't matter if your two, ten, thirty or eighty years old.  You eat it the same way.  Pull it apart, lick out the middle, (I like to scrape it off with my teeth) now you have two cookies, and you eat these preferably dunked in milk  It's like your just born with it; this special knowledge of how to eat the Oreo. 

Here we'll watch my Grandbabies demonstrate this very fact.

Cameron has it down pat.  He's an old pro now.  Emma is still concentrating on the middle of her Oreo.

"See Grandma, that's how it's done!"

"Enough with the pictures Grandma!" 

I guess some rituals are sacred and just need to be done in private.

"Gosh!"  "Emma, just cover your eyes and maybe she'll go away!"

"What?"  "Did you say another cookie?"

"Well, okay then."  "Maybe just a few more pictures."

Ahhhh!!  They're like putty in your hands when your the one holding the Oreo cookie bag!

1 comment:

  1. Of course they know how to eat an Oreo....they are afterall, my kids haha :)


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