Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Long Weekend

Had a long night last night. We used to dread the fireworks on the long weekend as we were always up trying to sooth Barney. We used to turn on all of our fans, t.v.'s and anything that would make noise to try and drown out the fireworks noise from outside. I would to sing to him as he laid on top of me and drooled and shook. I used to think boy one of these days we'll actually get to watch the fireworks. Well, that day was here and I just didn't care. I would have traded it in a heartbeat to be soothing that drooling hound again.
The rest of our weekend was awesome! We picked out Fred on Saturday. Sunday visited with some of our friends showing off puppy pics. Monday had the kids for a barbecued octoberfest sausage, burgers, salad, lemonade and ice cream cones! Yummy!! Is that long weekend food fare or what!! Even got some yard work done. The weather was great! Finally hot and sunny!
Becki from sent a couple more great pics of Fred last night, just more to keep me going! Three weeks today we bring "Fabulous Fred" home!!!

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