Saturday, May 8, 2010

Becki from Autumn Blaze Bassets just sent us some new pictures of the boys! Thanks so much Becki! These pics really help keep us going. It's going to be tough picking one of these little guys.
I've been looking through Barney's baby album that we have and I would love to post some of his "younger" pics, but they all seem to be on my old computer, so I have to figure out how to get them onto this one. It's funny because when we got Barney he was supposed to be my husband's dog, I had a six year old long haired Belgian Sheepdog named Bear and wasn't stuck on bassets (duh! what the heck was I thinking). All I could think about was the slobber. Let me tell you, in under a week Barney had won my heart!
Him and Bear were best buds. They did everything together. Bear was Barney's chew toy and seemed to love it! Sometimes when we would come home after being out for awhile and the house would look like a cyclone hit it, but both dogs would be lying there peacefully sleeping. We always thought it would have been great to have a hidden camera on them. They had a blast! Barney was heartbroken when we lost Bear 4 years later. We helped each other get through it like we did so many things. Even though I think he did more for me.
Then I always thought I would go back to a "taller" big dog after, god forbid, anything happened to Barney. It's easy to talk tough when you still have your baby with you. Now that Barney is gone and his urn sits on the table by his side of the couch, I could not ever see my life without a basset! He won this whole family over and made us basset people for life!! Thanks Barney, for being you!

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  1. I can't get through your posts without tearing up! That was so good mom and it breaks my heart that you lost your best buddy because I know how hard it is for you to get through it. We're all here for you and Fred will be soon too :) xoxo


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