Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Winner

.......and the winner is "Puppy G". Yes, puppy G is now officially "Fred"! We were so anxious to get to Becki's and pick out Fred today. We packed a lunch and headed out on the highway at 8:30 a.m. this morning.It took us two hours and boy was it worth the drive to Brigden. Puppy G came right over to me and that sealed his fate as our new baby!! (He's obviously not stupid!) It was so great to see him wobbling around with all his sisters and his brother. We had never seen that many basset hounds before, as we saw not only the pups, but Lola and Chuck (the mom and dad) also their other bassets. You can sure tell they have a good home! It was nice to meet Becki in person, she is super nice.
We took lots of pictures to get us through the next three weeks of waiting 'til we head back out to bring our new baby home! June 14th will be the day!!


  1. I absolutely love that picture and I'm so excited to meet my new "brother". He's sooooo adorable! What a great addition to the family. I know the kids will love growing up with Fred. I can only imagine how many memories we'll make with Fred, just like we did with Barney. And aren't those memories just the best to have? No matter what.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful first photo of you and Fred. I can't believe Fred was that LITTLE! He's the size I am as an adult dog now, BOL! What a beautiful memory. So glad I saw this my friend.
    Love, Pixel & her Mom Jenny


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