Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Baby - 11/10/99 - 04/16/2010

I got going through all the pictures of Barney while having my morning coffee (boy what a bitter sweet experience!) and decided to put together a little video (my first ever attempt) of my baby. I think it turned out pretty good. I just hope Fred can bring us as much happiness when we get him! Barney was definitely "unforgettable" and will forever hold that special place in my heart. I still miss his smell, his warm body, his sassing back, his snoring, his slobbering and his unconditional love. Everyday is a little better, but the loss will always be there.
I know some people would say, "why look at pictures and go on about it" well all I can say is "why not?". He was a huge part of this family and deserves to be honoured and remembered always. It's the least I can do after all he did for me. And if that takes shedding some tears and having some long nights, so be it. His life is to be celebrated not kept in a closet so we don't think about it.
So, to whoever sees Barney's video, I hope you enjoy it.

Stayed tuned for my cinnamon bun recipe (Barney loooved it when I baked). I made them for Mother's Day and thought I would post it.
By the way my Mother's Day was just awesome!

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