Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Day

Well it's 2:14 a.m. and Freddie's been having a restless night after his long day. He slept for a bit then woke whimpering and whining so hubby went off to the couch and I laid here massaging his hips until he fell back to sleep.  He has now curled up between my legs and is out like a light and Gloria is snoring on hubby's side of the bed now.

Note: You know your a blogger when you've not only got your laptop in bed, but your camera!

 I on the other hand am now awake so, what the heck, I may as well post about my day!

My daughter and granddaughter came over to have lunch with me today and we dug out all my boxes of Halloween decorations.  I have tons.  I used to decorate the house every year when the kids were growing up and we used to have Halloween parties. But now I just focus more on Christmas. So I am passing the hallowed torch on to my daughter. When we started going through the decorations, Emma (my granddaughter) was afraid of all the scary ones. Hmmmm....this is no's Halloween, you've got to have some scary.  So after making skeletons dance, spiders into bling and witches shoes seem like the new fashion, she soon thought all that scary stuff was pretty neat and was pushing a giant rat around in a white wicker buggy. I didn't get a picture as we just wanted to let her do her thing and not draw attention to her.  Little did we know that she would actually grow an attachment to this said freaky rat and would not part with him when she left. 

So off she went.

With the freaky rat.

Or as she now calls it........Honey Bear.  Hey, somebody's got to love the freaky ones!

Once they left Freddie was in quite a mood.

When I came in the house he was coming down the hall with a baby doll.

"You're going to get in trouble Freddie."
"Nuh uh! I've got Momma wrapped around my paw right now. I just have to give her my sad look."

Freddie just has so much pent up energy that he needs to get out since he can't run and play any more.  I have been walking him a couple of times a day to wear him out a bit and keep his muscles in his legs built up, but sometimes that just isn't enough.  He will try to run through the house, but soon realizes his legs can't take that.

So he steals things.

"What? I'm building a house for the baby!"  

I find if I just walk away, he usually just stops and drops what he's got. Usually!

So, lunch was over, the Halloween torch was passed and Freddie had dropped the toys.  I took the hounds out back to go potty and when I walked out the door.....

This giant freakin' spider was hanging from the eaves trough and I screamed like a little girl! was your day?

Well, good night everyone. I'm off to the land of...........Pinterest! (Thought I was going to sleep, didn't ya!)


  1. Oh Freddie, that look, that face. I hope he will have some kind of pain control and that he will soon have his new hip. It is almost impossible to believe he is in pain, because he still has that cheeky twinkles in his eyes and so much spirit!!! I like thatvfreaky rat too. Hehe.

    Happy Halloween month and Tacos Day!


  2. Is swimming a possibility to get some energy out and keep muscle tone? Swimming really helped Koira when she was limping and on restricted exercise, because she could really get tired without stressing out her joints.

  3. Great post! Love reading updates. Poor Fred.. I know he's going through a lot, as are you. I hope you are all coping. It was good to see you at Emma's party!
    Hilarious pics of Emma with the rat!! She is so fun! And you sure that last picture of the spider isn't from your Halloween collection? Lol. Yikes, I would've screamed bloody murder until it was dead. *shivers*. Hope you have a good day. We are both up, tending to our lil babies :)

  4. Can't believe she likes that RAT! What a hoot! Good for Freddie stealing things.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Our momma is also addicted to can find her there when she isn't blogging about us or catching up on everydoggies posts.

    Fred really is our kinda guy - we love to "steal" things too!

    Wally & Sammy

  6. Loved those pictures of Emma with the rat :-) Poor Fred - we all feel for you here. It's so hard when you can't go out and you just have to find some fun things to do somewhere - forbidden 'toys' is a good start :-) take care - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  7. The spider would not bother me but even that plastic rat freaks me out. I hate rats. This may be because I am a city dweller the rats are everywhere. I have been on the train platform and seen the rats running around amongst the commuters

    urban hounds

  8. That rat is creepy! LOL Laughed that you have both your pc and your camera in bed with you... and so glad you did! And that spider may have given you a fright, but it fit absolutely perfectly in the theme of your day ;-)

  9. Hello!! I'm catching up on your blog this morning and will be looking forward to reading about treatment alternatives for your boy! I will tell you (again, my apologies, I know you're not asking for my advice) but the surgery to remove the femoral head is something that is done quite often in Goldens, and is very successful. Our girl Sheba had one, and lives a pain-free life because of it--I'm sorry it may not be a choice for Freddie, but maybe ... We keep our paws crossed and are sending prayers in your direction that you and Freddie find your way through everything and have peace in those decisions! But it does look like the decision to steal fun things has already been made by Freddie!! :-)

  10. Tell Emma I.d love to steal her boots.
    She is a cutie with her scary rat.
    I.m not yet a complete blogger. Ipad and camera are near the couch, not yet near the bed...
    I hope your next night will be more sleepy.

  11. We do love the idea of passing on the Halloween torch. We feel for you and Freddie. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Well you sure made me giggle this morning, but I also want to cry over Freddie.
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  13. Freddie, you are just too cute!

    BOL>>>>>Bet Mr. Spidey was just getting in the Howl-o-ween mood!

  14. Oh my goodness, your granddaughter sure is cute holding her "honey bear".
    And yes you are a blogger whenyou have a laptop and camera in your bed, lol.

    Cinnamon is sending Freddie some get better vibes and crossed paws.

    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  15. I have to tell ya your little peep made my MOM smile real big. The eyes of a child can make the "Freaky" and "Icky" beautiful. And MOM was wondering if she could have your address. You can send it to her at patormichelle13 (at) gmail (dot) com.
    Fred I just love your spirit, just can't keep you down. You are still of our prayers each and everyday.

  16. Sounds like a busy day! We like decorating more for Christmas, but I'll admit, I do throw a few Halloween decorations out! :D


  17. Our day was NOT as fun and exciting as YOURS was.. fur Sure.

  18. Swimming - that is what freddy needs......swimming would do wonders for him - water supports his weight so it is not on his leg and he would get exercise and keep his muscles moving.

  19. That freaky rat is too freaky looking for us! It is an interesting photo though with your grand daughter, cute as a button, hanging onto something so gross! We hope you got to sleep. Mom never got the Pinterest thing.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Oh my gosh----Pinterest is worse than Facebook AND blogs. I hope you got some sleep! Would it be possible to do water therapy for Freddy? I read somewhere (probably a blog or facebook or that it is less impact and better for dogs with problems like Freddy's.

  21. Oh, BM, I'm sorry to hear that Freddie is still in pain. I agree with the swimming to wear him out. Perhaps a nice big kiddie pool will help. The one Cesar Milan is using in his rehab center is a 4 feet tall pool so his dogs can exercise.

    Unfortunately, I am in no way capable of providing you helpful information regarding his surgery. I would've suggested for you guys to come here in the Philippines as treatment is a lot cheaper but that's just plain inconsiderate.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  22. Freddie I hope you start to feel better.... Your granddaughter's boots are awesome!

  23. Woof! Woof! Mom always have a camera ready ... even in her dreams. What a cute doll. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to Freddie.Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. Your granddaughter is so precious!

  25. Granddaughter and freaky rat are just too cute. Freddie and Gloria might have some competition in the cuteness department. :) Hope you got some rest.

  26. I hope that a good night rest comes soon for both of you. I hope all goes well.

  27. Freddie, you keep up the sad face and it will fix in that spot. We are so glad that your peeps take that much of their time to make you feel comfortable. Dad did that with Bites when he had HGE, and the attention sure helped him. WAY TO GO MOM!!!

    Your worried buddies
    Susie & Bites

  28. I've always loved Halloween! There's just something about it that always draws me. I hope your daughter and granddaughter have fun with the torch!

    I feel for you on living with an energetic dog who can't expend his energy. When Kuster had his pano flare ups (it's basically severe growing pains), the vet told us to keep him on total crate rest and only leash walking for bathroom breaks. Um, yeah, they don't live with him! We started taking him swimming. It's low impact and let him use his muscles without jarring his bones and gave him a good workout. I know the weather is getting colder, but if you have a few days when Freddie could take a dip, maybe that would help a little.

  29. Thank you SO much for all the awesome halloween decorations! I've just finished decorating most of the's so fun! And Emma is STILL in love with "Honey Bear"....Cameron thinks it's weird! lol. She loves pushing it around in that stroller and calls him "Cute". I can't get over the size of that SPIDER!! Wowzers!!! You weren't kidding when you said it was freaky. Glad I wasn't there when that sucker came out! lol

    P.S. Thanks for a great lunch yesterday :) And also for watching Emma this morning!! xo

  30. OMG, Honey Bear is so ugly I am cracking up that Emma has taken a shine to him! I think the spider had to make an appearance. You got rid of the decorations, so he thought he would help out a little in decorating the house :)

  31. Holy moley but that's a scary spider! I'd have screamed like a little girl. And I LOVE the rat! Honey Bear - hilarious!

  32. Aww, you are such a lovely person! You can always tell a true dog lover by the sacrifices they make for their furkids. Fred must be so grateful to have you.
    I laughed my head off at the pictures of the baby with the giant ugly rat and Fred with the doll, so funny.
    Hope you managed to have 40 winks later on.
    Lynne x

  33. Poor pupper - I'm sorry he had a bad night!

  34. Feel so bad for Freddie. Love the picture of little human with the pet rat, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  35. Oh, it's so hard to keep the pups quiet. We've had to do that for various reasons with our last two pups and it's not easy. When I want to wear Rita out without exercise, I try to do a long session of training with her and try to teach her something new. Supposed to tire out their brains - not sure if it totally works, but it does seem to help.

    Love the pics and especially love that the granddaughter loves the creepy rat!

  36. I bet their house is going to look cool!

    I hope Fred is on the mend soon.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  37. You have a very understanding husband!!
    Poor Freddie! I can feel his frustration at not being able to move easily....look at those eyes! And what precious photos of him.....and the one with Gloria just looking over and thinking, oh boy! You did it this time!!

  38. We are sending some drool to Poor Freddie. Glad he has Gloria to try to keep him in line. We are curious do you happen to have a canine chiropractor near you guys. I know they really helped Cleo with some of her issues and the herbal meds they gave her seem to help her with her discomfort. Hugs to Freddie and Gloria. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  39. Haha the things kids like! You had a busy day and made me laugh

  40. That is hilarious that your grandaughter loves the freaky rat!! And she even named it!! She sure is cute!! Good idea to pass the torch. My husband and I were just discussing what to do with our boxes and boxes of Halloween Stuff. Neither my daughter nor his son wants the I was going to see if someone on Craig's List might. He thinks we should just toss it!! You are correct...bloggers ALWAYS have camera and ipad or laptop close at hand!! It drives my husband nuts that I'm always snapping pics!! I told him to get used to it! Glad that Fred is feeling a little better...enough to steal things anyway. It's so hard when they don't feel well. Take care!!

  41. Granddaughter is a cutie! The Man loves Halloween more than anything so we will be decking the house out this weekend.

    When Loki was ill, I admit I let him away with everything!

    Hope you have a better night tonight.

    Hailey and Zaphod's Lady

  42. Sending you some healing drool, Mr. Freddie! we been away a bit and are secretly (selfishly) glad you is still in Blogsville. you made us laugh at 6:15am at the airport : ) and what a scarrrry spider? tarantula?

  43. Ya the spider would have made me scream too. Seems like Freddie is feeling just well enough to get into trouble. Kinda like a kid.

  44. OMG That's a REAL spider?!!! I'd have screamed like a girl in a horror movie, then called a realtor and moved on the spot. ;) I HATE spiders!!!! That thing looks gargantuan! We've seen bigger spiders than ever this year, but I hope we never get one like that!

    Your granddaughter is SUPER adorable! She conquered her fear so well!

    Poor Freddie though, my heart breaks for him being in pain like that. I'm glad he's still feeling good enough to cause some mischief!

  45. Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

    Mom commiserates (VBP - vocab building project) with your late nights of care. I wonder if Fred would derive some relief from Canine massage or water therapy that they could teach you Miss Janet? Otherwise, you may just end up needing my legal representation skills (certified by Scooby Doo Academy)for the Fredmeister!

    As to the Rat/aka Honey Bear (too funny!), Mom asked me to share that way back, when the Florida Panthers were a newer franchise, she said they had the "Year of the Rat." All the fans would throw rats on the ice at the end of the games and it was a GOOD THING! She cannot recall the history behind the rat thingie...

    That spider would have caused Mom to do the same thing, EXACTLY the same Miss Janet.

  46. Love the spooky rat, but we like all the spooky stuff.

    You go Freddie..hee hee.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  47. The pictures of your granddaughter with Honey Bear had me laughing so hard. Also, way to go Freddie. If you have to have bad hips, work it for everything you can get.

  48. Oh my that photo of your grand daughter and the freaky rat is just too cute!!

  49. them spiders are driving me nuts at the moment, you cant walk anywhere without walking into a cobweb, and normally theres a bit fat assed spider sat in the middle which ends up stuck in my hair so i end up doing the spider dance all over the garden while screaming swinging my hair and flailing my arms around, i hardly dare walk round the garden at the moment!!!!!!

    Charlene and Stormy


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