Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Night with Freddie

My Poor Baby!

Last night when I took Freddie out to have a pee he slipped on the ice and hurt his hind leg. He had to be lifted into the house as his leg just dangled. Since I had to wait for him to see the vet this morning I did the only thing I could do cry....pretty much all night...and so did poor Freddie. Steve and I tried to comfort him the best we could, but he was in pain. It seemed like forever waiting to get him to the vets at 8:30 a.m. this morning and then I balled 'cause I had to leave him there. Thankfully Fred's a pretty sociable guy so he didn't seem to mind too much. Then we waited for the vet to call with a diagnosis. We've already been through one basset hound with a broken leg as Barney had broke his leg at 6 months old and required pins to fix it. So the wait was excruciating. Thankfully the vet called for us to come and get him. They did x-rays and found no broken bones or dislocation. He just sprained it really bad and will have to take it easy for awhile for it to recover. So, right now my poor baby is sleeping on the floor ('cause god forbid that's where he is going to have to sleep for awhile, not on our cushy bed)all drugged up with pain killers moaning and groaning. I can't thank Alanah from Yates Veterinary Hospital enough for taking my early call and tending so well to my Freddie. So, the next few days we will spend trying to keep Freddie Spaghetti slowed down. Wish us luck!

On A Lighter Note-

This past weekend Fred had so much fun as his Dad was home all weekend and spent some quality time with him.

Ya, I know, when Stevie's home it "all about Dad!" Forget MOM who caters to you, shares her toast and .......ah, sorry got carried away again. After all this is about Freddie, right then....back to the wonderful weekend with his Dad! They shared walks and play time in the snow. Starting to sound like a chick flick isn't it? All I need is some popcorn, chip, dip, chocolate and a nice cup of tea! Enough about me again.

Sometimes I wonder if Fred wasn't a greyhound in a former life.

Well, judge for yourself.

Here are some more of his "play date with Dad" pictures. A little dark as the sun was just going down but that's what I got.

By the way, apparently basset hounds bounce!

Yup, it's gonna be tough keeping him down.

I'm outta here!

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