Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Becki from
got some good shots of the "girls" playing in the snow. That's our Gloria (Freddie's soon to be big sister and the proud mother of the latest litter at Autumn Blaze Bassets, born Dec. 26/10) in the back and Freddie's "biological" Mom in the foreground. Boy does he look like his Mom! That's right Gloria, you run and frolick with the girls now 'cause in another month you'll have the Fredster to contend with!

Poor thing, she has no idea what she's in for. Don't worry we'll get ya through it!

I don't know, judging by this picture I think Gloria will be able to hold her own. Who does that wild eyed look remind you of?

I know I joke alot about Freddie Spaghetti, but ya know his wild puppy moments are far and few between. He really is a good boy (I figure if I say it enough it will come true. ha!ha!) He's still a puppy right now, but I've noticed lately that our little boy is growing up fast. The last couple of weeks he started shedding all his "puppy" fur along with his winter coat and now has his adult fur. It brings a tear to my eye, not as many tears as his neutering will bring, but a tear. I'm sure we will have a "Fred's Neutered" party after the 21st of March, kind of a "Good-bye Mr. Bo Dangles, Hello, droopy sac, I think I'll just go lay down now." Hey! I can dream can't I?

Well at least Gloria won't have to look at this!

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