Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Week

First, my baby girls' baby girl got sick.

Then my baby girl got sick.

Then my baby girls' son got sick.

So, what's a Momma/Grandma to do? Cook of course! Why, because just like when my kids were little, I still feel helpless when their sick. So like any good loving mother I would always cook and try to cram food into them to make them healthy. Now I have grandbabies to worry about, too. So, I cook. It makes me feel like I'm doing something constructive and keeps me busy while I worry. I made some homemade chicken stock so I could use it in my chicken pot pie to give them. That's not only healthy, it's comfort food. I think their over the worst of it now though. (homemade pot pie,no?) Thank goodness the worrying can slow down now.

Then of course Freddie got sick this week too!

Ahhhhh......I don't feel well. Do something Momma!

Yes, he is very dramatic, which is why he fits into this family so well.
And you can see how thrilled I was with Mr. Dramatic.

He seemed depressed at first, then he didn't eat for a day, then he had the chills. Maybe he had a bug or maybe it was from the crud he ate outside (lilac bush, bird poop, licking pee etc.) or possibly the crud he ate inside (half his christmas tree toy, stuffing from his hippo,the carpet underpad he pulled up etc. etc.)or maybe it was just from trying to hump that snow bank. All I know is then I was worried about my Freddie Spaghetti, too! So I coddled him and catered to his every whim. Wait a minute....I do that all the time anyway! Well, I guess I did it even more (if that's possible) Anyway, it just tugged at my heart seeing him looking all woefull, lying on the couch bundled up with my Detroit Lions blanket.

Well, I am happy to say that after acting like he was half dead for two days.

Need I say more?

He is back to his old little bugger of a self. Whew!

There's my little ray of sunshine!

I just don't like it when family is sick!!

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