Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big 5-0

Yep, it's the big 5-0 today. Groundhogs Day and no I didn't see my shadow. Yippee! Early spring! So, for 50 years now I have been sharing my birthday with my sister Patti. Okay, fine, she's been sharing her birthday with me. Every year she tries to call and wish me a Happy Birthday first and every year I pick up the phone and say Happy Birthday instead of hello, (snicker! snicker!) and she says s#@t!! Just one of the many things we've shared over the years. When we were little our Mother used to dress us in the same clothes, people bought us the same toys....blah, blah,blah. We weren't twins! Same day different year people! FOCUS!! We shared our bedroom and bed 'til we were teens. She put up with me sucking my thumb and constant whining and I put up with her licking her chunk of rock salt she got on a school trip. I tagged along and squealed a lot. (What can I say, I'm a tattle tail.) Now, all these years later we've grown older and gotten busier in our own lives but, we will always have that one day to share! So, Happy Birthday to my sister Patti! Thanks for putting up with me and sharing your day with me all these years!!

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