Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ya,ya....I know it's been awhile. But it just seems life has gotten so busy! Now that winter is upon us it is time to slow down.....and do some bloggin'! Kids have been sick, grandkids have been sick including our poor Emma being diagnosed with a peanut allergy after a scary episode that landed her in Emergency! Thank goodness everyone is back on track now. Stevie and I have had our flu shots, Fred will be getting neutered (oh, god, please let it slow him down!!) and the doctor says that I am just about through menopause. yippee!! Yes, the Lions lost in overtime Sunday to the Jets. Hey, but if it wasn't for bad calls against the Lions, these refs would have nothing to do!! Need I say more? And to my beloved Stevie, "Wow, your team really sucks!!" Just when ya thought the Seahawks couldn't get any worse, they got beat 41-7 by the Giants! In their defense this was Charlie Whitehursts first start with them, they had a ton of injuries and roster changes right up until gameday. Oh, well......Gooooooooooooooo Lions!!!

Then there is life with "Fred". I could be polite and say "Oh, Fred is sooo rambunctious, he! he!" But in truth he can be a royal pain in the ass!! Oh, we love him to pieces, no doubt about that. But I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that I can't wait until he slows down and quits chewing.....and biting....and tearing around the house....and taking my tea towels off of the counter. He is a very vocal dog, too. Hmmm.....I wonder why my dog would be vocal? Anyway we love him and we are getting him neutered. Oh, did I already mention that?

Oh, just a man walking his dog. Hey , wait a minute buddy; that's my dog not yours and is that a Seahawks hat your wearing? Loser! (just kiddin' hon!)

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