Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Weekend!

Saturday morning we took our grandson Cameron to Costco with us in the morning, we even found some "peanut free" baked goods for the kids! Stevie spent the afternoon putting up our Christmas lights (woohoo!!) and Fred and I did housework. Okay, I did housework while Fred layed about like a lazy slug when he wasn't attacking me!
Then we went over to the kids to babysit while they went out for dinner. This was their first date out since they had Emma just over a year ago! I am so glad they got out. They needed it! The kids were great and even little Emma went to bed for us.
She has a soft spot for her Poppa and loves to rock in the chair with him, that's right HIM not me. What's up with that, little missy! Okay, okay, they do look awfully cute together! I still have plenty of time to bring you over to Grandma's side and be a little Lioness!(ha!ha!) I know Brandi and Phill were pretty happy to come home to both kids in bed! Just another job well done by "Super Mom", oh, sure and dad! Then it was home to the physco, uh...I mean Fred!

Yes, that is my foot he is gnawing on!!

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