Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Web Sites and Blogs

I want to mention a couple of my FAVOURITE sites. I have been following the blog The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond in Oregon. I absolutely love it! Maybe it's because she sounds a little like me or maybe it is because she has a bassett hound named "Charlie". (Whom I sure Freddie Spaghetti would love to meet!) Seriously, he really does need a friend! She really makes me laugh and has beautiful pictures on her site not to mention a ton of information, links and recipes. She was recently on a Throwdown episode with Bobby Flay which we apparently can't get in Canada!(That sucks!) If you get a chance check out her blog. It's like reading a good book you can't put down.
My other favourite site is The NFL Shop especially with Christmas around the corner. Being Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks fans in Ontario, Canada, it isn't easy to get team gear and collectibles for our family. With the exception of a few items that they don't ship to Canada, the NFL shop is great! They have high quality products with a quick delivery time and not bad pricing. I have gotten quite a few things including custom t-shirts that we absolutely love, accessories for our NFL rec room, plates and napkins, a cooler and even Fred has some gear! It really is a one stop shopping experience for all NFL products.

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