Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oct. 10/10. Finally I See a Lions Win at Ford Field!!

This was their first win since Stafford threw 5 touchdown passes against Cleveland on Nov.22/09. It was their largest margin win in 15 years!! Also the first time the Lions have won by more than a touchdown since beating Denver 44-7 in November 2007. Running back Stefan Logan ran a kick off return back for 105 yard touchdown, breaking a tie in the second quarter. After that they "rammed" it up St. Louis' butt! Shawn Hill played an awesome game throwing for 227 yards and connecting with Calvin Johnson, Brandon Pettigrew and yes guy Nate Burleson #13,( ya,that's him! sorry Stevie) for touchdowns. All I can say is that it was so exciting to see them win! You just feel so much pride for you and for them. This game definitely put some "ROAR" back in this Lions fan!!

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  1. Oh mom, I love your posts lol. You've become quite the football expert...soon you'll be surpassing dad in football knowledge;) hehe


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