Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Weekend! Part Two

Got up and made cabbage rolls and creamy hash brown potatoes for supper. You know a Sunday is going to be great when you have food like that! Steve went to work for four hours while Fred and I cooked. Ya, ya I cooked and Fred waited patiently for things to come out of the oven.

And waited............
And waited.............

It was a great Sunday despite Detroit Lions loss to the BILLS(of all teams!) by 2 points; and the fact that even with the NFL Sunday Ticket on our Shaw Dish, we still could not get the game! Our daughter two blocks away got it on Rogers HD. So, explain that one! After being on hold for one hour to Shaw, I finally hung up and tried the call back method, which I got in about 5 minutes, only to have the guy tell me he googled it (that sounded professional!) and it's not shown in a 75 mile radius. Plus had me phone my daughter with our cell phone to ask what channel they were getting the game on and preceded to say that Rogers must be showing it illegally. (Nice touch Shaw!) I'm not sure if they measure distance by how the crow flies or what, but we are in Woodstock, Ontario which would be just over the 75 miles. I wonder what the President of Shaw Communications Inc., Mr. Peter J. Bissonnette would think of that! I was one unhappy customer! At least we got the Seattle Seahawks game against Arizona 36-18 and Matt Hasselback was looking pretty pumped being back after his concussion and threw for 333 yards! Too bad he cracked a bone in his left wrist, but at least it isn't his throwing arm. Mike Williams had the biggest game of his NFL career with 11 passes for 145 yards which were both career highs. All that with a pinkie finger he broke in practice on Thursday. Too bad he couldn't have done that in Detroit a couple of years ago! Oh, well ya can't have it all! Kudos to Stevies team. Pretty good turn around after last week. (Okay, we won't go there!) And that folks.........was our Sunday!

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