Friday, November 30, 2012

A Not Quite Full Moon and Our Tree is Decorated!

Tuesday night I got some pictures of what I thought was the full moon.

It was really cloudy when we went out to take Fred and Gloria for their walk.  So at first I could just see it through the clouds. But by the time we got home from our walk the clouds had cleared, so Freddie and I ran ahead to get my camera so I could get a picture of..............

.....what I thought was the full moon.  I always seem to think it's a full moon the night before it's actually full.  But hey, it looks full to me! According to RRC (Remington's Research Center) it is the Full Beaver Moon and it was on Wednesday.

Yesterday I decided no computer (well maybe just a bit) as I had so much to do including putting the decorations on my tree.   Of course Freddie was right in there helping.

"I don't give a rat's a@*  about the tree.  I want my presents From Wally!"

Although Gloria and Fred aren't allowed to open their gifts from Wally and Sammy (even though they have finished all those yummy Slobber Chops) until Christmas, Sammy and Wally's Momma did tell us to open the pink bag that came with their gift when we decorated our tree...........and look!

Hand made ornaments!  These are made by local street artists in South Africa.  Aren't they beautiful! This is so perfect as every year since Steve and I have been together we have bought one new ornament for our tree.  So this year we have three!


"I think they're just beautiful Momma!"

"Suck up...."

Regardless of what Freddie thinks of the tree, it is all decorated now.

This is a picture with the flash on.

And flash off.

Here's one of the beautiful ornaments from Wally and Sammy.  Thanks guys!

Now lots of you have asked how Freddie is doing.  He definitely has his good and bad days.  I did let him go out and play with Gloria in the snow as I just can't deprive him some fun play time.  Besides the fact that if I don't let him play and get his energy out I have to deal with this in the house.

So every few days I let the two them have some play time together outside.  After Freddie sometimes needs some pain meds and we usually have a long night with him getting comfortable.  But at least he is finally wagging his tail again which he hasn't done since August!

Each day from December 1st up until Christmas I am going to feature one of our ornaments that we have gotten over the years. So stay tuned. Tomorrow is #1!


  1. Lovely tree - and such pretty ornaments! Freddie's not quite in the Christmas spirit yet I think BOL So glad to hear he is having some fun though even if he has to take some meds afterwards - a waggy tail sounds good to me :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. What a pretty tree and ornaments. Cute pics too, I like the one where Freddie is yawning. What a big tongue!

  3. Lovely tree and the ornaments from Sammy and Wally are fabulous. Glad to hear Freddie is doing OK. We were thinking about him the other day and hoping all was fine. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh what most BEAUTIFUL ornaments they sent ya'll. I especially likes them cuz they was handmade, so special! And your tree is just gawjuss! Lemme knows if you needs me to rearrange anything:)
    I am just so grateful Freddie is doin' betters...dis makes me VERY happy.


  5. Those are lovely ornaments, and extra special coming from a friend so far away!

  6. Your tree is beautiful! And how we love those hand made ornaments too. My Mommy and Daddy always buy a new ornament every year. Usually it's from some place we've travelled, so that makes it extra special. We can't wait to see some of yours.

    Your not quite full moon pic's are very nice! We have yet to see how ours turned out.

    We're glad to hear that the Freddie Meister's tail is wagging once again. We hope that Freddie keeps doing better each and every day.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. LOVE that YAWNING Pic !!!

    Hey YOUR tree is MARVELOUS. No Snowmen though.. do you want some of OURS???

    Those handmade decorations from Wally and Samuel are BEAUTIFUL.

  8. Lovely tree! We get ours tommorow and have paws crossed Weasley will leave it alone. Its good you are giving Fred some play time, laughter is the best medecine for dogs too

    urban hounds

  9. WOW, that was a super duper gift from Wallace & Samuel, and Freddie is really into the Christmas spirit (Ba-Humbug), kinda like bites, just looked at the tree and left the room.
    With all those lights you can just sit with everything else off and watch TV like me & dad do.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  10. I love your moon shots. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see your ornaments. Your new ones from Wally & Sammy add a new and exotic story. I love Freddie's enthusiasm (ha).

  11. Freddie, I am with you on the Christmas decorating! All I care about is my presents under the tree! BOL!! BTW, that is one L-O-N-G tongue you have!


  12. Did you photoshop his tongue?
    You have beautiful ornaments and tree.

  13. I like your tree. As you know I am tree deprived. And HOLY DOG Fred that is the longest tounge I have ever seen. You could stand on one side of a table and take a cookie from the other side. I am jealous. Remember that dude from KISS with his long tounge, bet he doesn't think much of his now. And those hand made ordiments are jsut beautiful. It makes me smile to see you running and playing. :)

  14. Beautiful tree and your new ornaments are wonderful. I like the way Freddie "helps". Perhaps he could clue Freighter in. :)

    I like all kinds of moon pictures. Don't have to be full for me. You got a great one.

  15. Aw, such a beautiful Christmas tree and I see that Fred was a HUGE help (hehehehe)! Those South African ornaments are gorgeous! I'm so glad that Freddie has good days and is back to tail wagging!! WooHoo! Even better that he likes to play bitey face with Gloria!

  16. What pretty ornaments! Purty moon pictures. I'm glad Freddie's tail's wagging!

  17. Your tree looks lovely, you are way ahead of me!
    That must be the longest tongue I have ever seen Freddie :)
    At least Gloria has an appreciation for the finer things in life!
    Lynne x

  18. We noticed that moon just before sunrise when we headed out on our morning walk. We love your cloudy picture.

    Tree is beautiful.... We laughed at Freddie's enthusiasm!

    XXXOOODaisy,Bella & Roxy

  19. Your tree is PAWSOME!!! We don't put our tree up until mid-Dec usually but seeing all the trees going up in Blogville mom is tempted to put ours up early!

    Freddie you have the longest we have EVER seen!!!! WOW!! We're glad to hear your condition is stable-ish.

    Gloria we're so pleased you like the ornaments. we can't wait to see your momma's collection.

    Licks & love
    Wally & Sammy

  20. We can NOT get over how long Freddie's tongue is!! Is that real?? That is amazing fur sure!!

    Your Doodle Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. BOL at your pics and your tree is beautiful!

  22. Oh Freddie you make me smile every time! Gloria is so sweet too and Freddie you don't need to bite her! Tree is really beautiful, well done! Have a good weekend!

  23. I love your tree!! And those handmade ornaments are BEAUTIFUL!! I loved them when I saw them at your house. I'm so excited that you'll be featuring an ornament each day!! I love all of your ornaments :)

  24. Beautiful ornys!!! I just love Freddies attitude! Grinchlike, hehehe
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  25. The tree looks beautiful!

    Glad Freddie gets some good fun play time.

    Is it me or is every getting ready....very early this year?


  26. Please tell Gloria to come and check out tomorrow post. I'm featuring hers and Freddie's letters to Santa! You can tell Freddie too if he thinks he can be bothered. *giggles*

  27. Fred looks very impressed with those ornaments!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  28. Beautiful moon! Beautiful tree! And love those special ornaments! So glad that Freddie is doing better. Have to add that I read Fred and Gloria's letter to Santa on Rumpy's blog.... :-D

  29. I love your tree; it is so beautiful!

    Gosh! Freddie's tongue is LONG!!!

  30. VERY cool tree!! Love the ornies, too! Wish Ma would gets her hinnie in gear!
    Feel better Freddie!


  31. Your tree is wonderful! Mom and I luv all the different ornaments on it :D We have some of the glass icicles too! They are so pretty with the lights shining through them :) Luv the hand crafted beaded ornaments from South Africa - what a beautiful gift!

    And Freddie, I think you've got the Guinness record for longest tongue there pal - WOW! Bol!

    Waggin at ya,


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