Thursday, September 22, 2011

Detroit Lions Home Opener

We went to the first regular season game in Detroit on Sunday. It was awesome!! It was tough leaving the hounds for the day. Well, kinda.(ha,ha) Especially Gloria as this is her first football season with us. She's not used to me being gone so long and she is a Mommas girl! Fred had his usual fit.

"I want something from the game." "I want a new Detroit Lions collar, Momma!!"

"I mean it!" "I'll wreck Gloria's stupid pink toy!"

We wished Gloria "God speed" and left her with Freddie. Thank goodness they had their big sister Brandi to come over and babysit a little later and spend some time with them.

Yes, they are spoiled!

Then we were just a couple more fans at the game. You tell me what it looks like the girl behind us is doing. That's what I thought.

The Lions "mauled" Kansas City 48-3!! Their largest margin of win in their franchise history. Woooo hooo! The game was sold out and fans were going crazy.
Detroit fans had no problem getting loud. Fine it wasn't "Seahawks" loud, but it was loud! Note: the Seahawks fans will probably be in the Guinness World Book of Records this year for the largest number of people crying in one stadium!

It was great to be at a game where the fans weren't leaving 10 minutes early because they were losing. Matthew Stafford was player of the game throwing for 294 yards, four touchdown passes of which two were to Calvin Johnson. Jahvid Best was back up to speed getting one of the tds. as did Keiland Williams. "My" Nate Burleson got 93 yards receiving 7 passes and rookie Titus Young was a great surprise getting 89 yards receiving 5 passes. For a smaller guy he lept up to catch the ball just like Calvin does. Here's a few shots from the game.

Kinda looks like Nate and Calvin are holding hands here. Doesn't it? Hmmmm. "I love ya buddy!"

Suh in action!

A bunch of the Chiefs having a hissy fit (do they know Freddie?) early in the fourth quarter when the score was 41-3.

This Sunday they play in Minnesota where they haven't won since 1997. If they can just keep it up and win like they did in Tampa, this would be their first 3-0 start since 1980!! So it's time to kick some Viking butt!! Sorry Tanya!
The only thing that disappointed me at the game was not being able to get my Nate Burleson jersey. We went to the stand outside the Pro Shop to get one made up 'cause you can't get a "Burleson #13" jersey in the Pro Shop there (what's up with that?")and they had run out of my size. I mean, come on, we were there at 11:30 a.m. Not very well stalked up for a home opener! Oh well, I just had to buy a few other things then! Life's tough!
We were exuberantly exhausted on the way home. Saw lots of Lions fans at the En Route stops we made on the 401 along the way but were so glad we finally made it home to see our babies.
All is right with the hounds again once their Momma's home!

And yes........
Freddie did get his new collar! Gooooooooo LIONS!!

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  1. I'm from the Seattle area. Not really a Seahawks fan, but ouch! That's exactly why the only team in that area that I root for is the Canucks...and they're Canadian. Thank you, Washington, for having crappy teams.

    Correction: the Sounders aren't too bad, I guess;)


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