Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playtime for Fred and Gloria

There's been lots of playtime for Fred and Gloria in the backyard this summer. It's usually short lived because of the heat. Gloria tends to peter out first, but she has started outsmarting Freddie by running with him for a bit and then as he keeps going, she stops and just lays down and waits for him to come around again, then attack.

Here's Fred running his butt off thinking Gloria is behind him. What a sucker!!

Her plan works perfectly every time!

"I'm telling Mom, Gloria!"

Oh dear, that just looks nasty!

Oh, the day in the life of a hound.

Get up
Repeat all of the above.
Oh yeah. Bat eyes of lovable self at Momma so she's putty in my hands.
Works every time!

Now here's a short playtime video.

I mean, come on! How cute are they! My Babies!

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