Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diary of a Basset Momma x 2

I spend all my days now cleaning up mud,
From Freddie Spaghetti and Gloria, his bud.
Then there's the drool on the cupboards and floor,
Everywhere I turn, there's a little bit more!

It's on all our furniture, even our t.v.
'Cause when these two hounds shake,(thank God there's not three)
The drool it does fly and sticks just like muck,
So if you're within range, you'd better just duck!

Then there's the fur all over our bed.
Not to mention that bassets love to curl by your head!
Our couch and our chair we no longer own,
They haven't figured out yet, how to use the home phone.

Then there's the smell when two bassets have gas,
Nobody ever said that this breeds got class!
They puke and they drool, they fart and they snore,
But who could ever ask for anything more?

For a nice clean house and room on my bed,
Would I ever give up Gloria and Fred?
Not on your life, I would never trade places
Or give up the love from these precious faces!

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