Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Day For The Kids!

Fred and Gloria had a tiring day yesterday.

After guarding his toys for days...............

.....I decided to have a talk with Freddie. I told him "Now Fred, you have got to learn to share your toys with Gloria."
At first he just laughed at me.

"Heh,heh,heh....that's pretty funny Momma!"

Then I gave him the "look" and he thought, "Oh crap! She's serious!"

So he took one his slippers (okay used to be my slippers) to Gloria.

"Here ya go Gloria."

Gloria was pretty happy about this development.

"Thanks a lot sucker! You"ll never see this puppy again!"

Then they both had a romp outside.

This completely wore them out. (hee!hee! My plan worked)

They share everything now even their water. The one thing they don't share is their football teams. As you can see by their collars, Freddie is the Detroit Lions fan and poor Gloria has to be the Seattle Seahawks fan. Sorry sweetie, I'll try and at least get you a pink one!

So after a day of fun and games I brought them to the kitchen for a talk.

I told them that since the City of Woodstock installed water meters and was now charging us for all our water use instead of a flat rate, everyone around here was going to have to pitch in and help conserve.

Then I explained what their job would be.

To save water doing dishes.

This my friends is a redneck dishwasher at work!

This is a shot of them completely exhausted after dishes.

Hey, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!

Please, no comments about animal cruelty(ha!ha!)

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