Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fred and Gloria

You'd swear these two hounds have always been together.

Okay, right there they're both looking guilty of something!

Fred won't do anything without Gloria now. They love being together and I love taking pictures of them. Their so happy together. Gloria likes her quiet time a little more than Freddie, but after having all those babies you can't blame her. All Moms need their "quiet" time.

This is how she tries to block Freddie out.

It didn't take long to fall in love with Gloria. She is the perfect addition to our family. It's just what ole Freddie needed too. A playmate, buddy, pal, confidont and fellow mischief maker.

Even the grandbabies love her.

They like that they can actually pet her and she just sits there.

Ya, Fred's still not there yet! But it will come.

Yes, and when they want to they can even be stubborn together too! This is them ignoring me when I call them.

"Did you hear anything?" "I didn't hear anything." "Don't look at her Gloria and maybe she'll go away!"

They each have their own unique personalities and subtle differences. For instance......... This is how Gloria sleeps....

...aaaand this is how Freddie sleeps.

Oh, the differences between girls and boys!

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