Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Gloria Done Did

Gloria was the one in a mood today. Every time I looked at her from the kitchen she'd assume the play stance with her head on the floor and her butt in the air and bark at me. When I'd try to get a picture, she'd run up to me so I couldn't get the shot. So, I took her outside to play. Fred finally trotted along and she was the one who pounced on him. Freddie just seemed pooped and wasn't interested in playing. (What's up with that?) So Gloria just rolled around by herself for a bit.

I tried to tell her it wasn't very lady like, but what else is a Momma to do when her little girl is sprawled out on the grass rolling around with her feet in the air!

Then after a quiet moment with Fred.....

"I love ya Freddie" "I love ya Gloria"

They came back in the house and assumed their positions.

Freddie on his, I mean, our couch

and Gloria on her bed.

After a few minutes Freddie jumped down and stretched out on the floor and then I couldn't believe my eyes. Gloria, actually got up and struggled her way onto the couch! I say struggle because it wasn't like she gracefully jumped up or anything, it was more like a person trying to climb into a boat they have fallen out of and maybe banged their head. I was shocked! Freddie was shocked! He looked up at her and said.....

"What the f#*@k, Gloria?"

You have to realize that she has never done this before. Freddie's the one who rules the furniture. What a rebel! It wasn't a pretty sight watching her get on that couch but I was quietly routing for her. ("Come on!You can do it!) Then, when she finally made it, I actually think she thought she might be in trouble as she wouldn't look at me when I talked to her.

"Gloria" "Gloria"

"OMG! What have I done?" "Just look away, pretend I can't hear Momma, that's what Freddie does."

Then she just said "Screw it" and curled up and went to sleep.

And that's what Gloria done did!

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  1. Oh Gloria...she fits in so perfectly. And she's already picking up bad habits from Freddie! lol.


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