Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Princesses and Heroes

Sunday was a day for Princesses and Heroes. Our grandbaby "Princess Emma" celebrated her second birthday. My daughter made her an awesome elephant cake and pink frosted cupcakes. Her grandmother would have been proud.

I know she is my grandaughter and I may be a little bias, but come on! How stinkin' cute is this!

She makes your heart melt and your body ooze hugs and kisses.

She had lots of family and friends at her party. Heck, even the paparazzi showed up!

After blowing out her candle (okay her brother did it),

and eating her cake,

it was time for presents!

Her big brother dutifully helped her with gifts.

What a trooper!

The princess in pink even got some pink nail polish.

With the cake all gone and the presents all opened, she thanked her brother.....

relinquished her crown.....

and as she left the party I think I heard her mumble....

"I'm outta here!"

Happy Birthday sweetie pie!

The hero part of my Sunday was the Detroit Lions win over Dallas! It still brings a tear to my eye when I think of it. They were down by 24 at half time and yet again came back out, caught three interceptions (thank you very much Tony!) which put them back in the groove. They went on to win 34-30. Not only did they win but they caused the biggest collapse in the Cowboys history. Boooooyahhhhh!!!!!

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