Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fred Coming in the Back Door

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Think again!
Gloria is such a lady, well most of the time. She does eat her own poo, but that's another story. She usually just goes outside, does her business and comes back in the house.

She doesn't like to stay out unless I am out there with her. She never wanders far from me that's for sure
Fred, well I think we all know it couldn't be that easy! He'll come to the door (in his own time of course) and scratch. Hopefully your not in a hurry to get him in and call his name, 'cause ya know he'll just high tail it the other way. So when he does come to the door and scratch, you open the door, he puts his front paws on the stoop and then.....
...he just stares at you.

"Come on! Come on in if your coming Freddie!" stare....stare....stare....finally you close the door
"Did Momma just shut the door in my face?"

Then, you guessed it! He scratches,wildly at the door. You open it he stares you down, you close it he scratches, etc....etc...etc... So now we have started to let Gloria in and just leave the door not quite closed so when Fred is darn good and ready (which is usually as soon as you ignore him) he can come in by himself.
Sooooooooooo this is how it goes when you let the dogs in at our house.
Gloria comes as soon as she is called, so happy to come in the house with her Momma. Then we call Freddie, push the door around and walk away. Then you hear Fred! Honestly it's like listening to a thriller movie........

"Grrrrrrr!" "Grrrrrrrrr!" "Grrrrrrrrr!" "Grrrrrrr!" "Grrrrrrrrr!" "Grrrrrrrr!"


......aaaand there he stands waiting for everyone to acknowledge that he has come into the house on his own terms. Then struts and I do mean struts, through the kitchen. Gives me a look as he goes by that says, "What are you waiting for peasant?" "Close that damn door!" Then he sticks his tongue out at Gloria and proceeds to his chair.
Kiss this!!

So in case your wondering the "Grrring" (is that a word?) is Fred rubbing his face on the straw mat at the back door and the bang of course is him throwing himself at the back door and the back door flying open into that little springy thing that stops it from wrecking your wall. And that my friends is how good ole Freddie comes in from outside.

Mr. Dramatica!


  1. try putting hot pepper powder on Gloria's poop after she goes. She will only eat it once and hopefully she will leave it alone!

  2. We tried the hot pepper years ago when we had Barney as he used to eat Bear's poop (yuk). He just decided he then liked spicy foods. "Ahhh, chili!" ha,ha! But I'll give it a shot with Gloria.


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