Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dog Stories

I know it probably seems like I'm always writing about Freddie and poor Gloria hardly gets a bi-line. There's just not much to say about Gloria. She's just such a good girl that there's not much to write about unless of course I compare her to Fred. I'm not saying she's boring, just very well mannered and not as animated as Fred. For instance if I take a picture of her sleeping today it would look just like a picture I took yesterday or last week or a month ago. She is very consistent. Fred, he never sleeps the same way twice. He's very animated, dramatic and has LOTS of attitude. This makes him very photogenic. About the only thing they do the same is........

drink water


make their Momma feel like dirt when she leaves the house without them.

Other than that they have nothing in common aside from being bassets. Gloria doesn't go in the garden and eat plants,she doesn't dig, she doesn't jump on people, she doesn't chew things she's not supposed to, she lets me cut her nails and clean her ears and she actually comes when called. Okay, fine, she lets out some pretty good rippers when she's sleeping, but other than that she is the perfect dog. We love her.
Fred, he's always in the garden eating plants. He digs, jumps on people, chews anything and everything, runs away when I try to cut his nails, runs away when I try to clean his ears and runs away when you call him. He's a bugger! We love him.

Oh, Gloria tries. Just the other night she ran out the door and jumped up on the new patio love seat (where of course mister dramatic usually lays).

Look at her. She's such a rebel!

And Freddie, well all I can say is.......

No more Vampire Diaries for you!

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  1. Thank you again so much for giving Gloria AND Fred such a great home! I couldn't have asked for a better "retirement" home for her. Keep up the good work Gloria, and maybe teach a few manners to freddie!!!


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