Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Many "Sleeping" Faces of Fred

I was just going through a bunch of my pictures and noticed one thing about Fred. He is getting older and starting to behave better. Sure he may not be the perfect dog in some peoples eyes and retreive a ball (actually he will, but instead of bringing it back he'll just run away with it) or come when called (he runs away), or wait patiently for company to pet him (his motto is jump in and get 'em when they're fresh)(Snooze ya lose Gloria!). He is slowly coming around, but the one thing that I'm sure will never change is the dramatic way he sleeps.


Gloria and Fred
Notice how Gloria sleeps, notice how Freddie sleeps

Now the faces of just Fred.

He likes his blankie and pillow.

Little man pose.

Drama Queen. Ooops! "King"

There's that third eyelid.

The "Freaky Fred" face.

The "Oh my gosh I'm tired".

Fred being Fred.

Okay, that's just disturbing!

As is this.

Just plain cute!

Don't worry Freddie, the Lions are going places this year!

Blocking out all the "nay" sayers!

I'm looking a little put out with Mr. Dramatica here, wouldn't you say?

Yet another disturbing pose.

My baby.

He's perfect to me!!

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