Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bath Day for the Hounds

Saturday I decided I couldn't take the stink or "stench" if you will, of these two hounds anymore. Gloria didn't smell too bad, but Fred, well that dog rolls and routs around in anything and he was just plain stinky! So I enlisted the help of my better half Stevie to help. We decided to do it outside in the grandkids turtle sandbox. It is amazing how dogs sense things 'cause when we brought out the old turtle and started to fill it with water, Fred and Gloria did what they do best.

Ran away.

We snagged Freddie first. We knew he was going to go all drama queen on us so he had to wear the gentle leader. After "gently leading" him into the water (okay it didn't go that smooth) his first thought was "OH MY God! OH MY GOD! They're trying to drown me! I knew I was pushing it when I chewed apart that last towel, shirt, shoe, plant, mail, magazine. (take your pick)" Then he thought, "Okay, think Freddie boy, if I just drink all this water, I'll survive!"
Ya, I never said he was the sharpest tool in the shed!

So, Freddie had his bath.

....and yes he bawled through the whole thing.

I figured he'd go all rangy afterwards, being the wild man that he is, but instead he just sulked away all depressed and embarrassed.

I think he just plain felt stupid in front of Gloria.

Next it was Glorias turn.

She just got in the tub (okay turtle) got cleaned and got out. Easy peasy! No drama, no whining, nothin'! Then to my utter surprise, she's the one who went rangy!

Fred was right in there, "Thank god you made it Gloria!" "The turtle didn't eat you either!" "I-I-I woulda helped ya but uh, I had some important stuff to do."

He was really thinking, "Crap! She made it." "I was hoping it would be only me again." "Damn turtle. Next time I see him I'm gonna kick some ass!"

The drama was over for everyone and Fred and Gloria ran about the yard to dry out.

Then, all wore out, they took their positions on the patio furniture.

Gloria on her lounger....(still a little fired up)

...and Freddie in his chair....(just plain exhausted)

and peace was restored in houndsville once more (well until Fred wakes up, anyways!)

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