Monday, June 7, 2010

Puppy Fix

Right now I am in desperate need of a puppy picture. Becki from usually sends a picture of Fred on the weekend. I really want to see how Fred has grown in the past week! I am so anxious as we go to bring him home in 7 DAYS!! Sure, Becki has four kids, six dogs (one expecting), eight puppies and a farm to help run; I guess you could say she has been busy (he! he!). But of course I'm whining 'cause it's all about me and Freddie. I guess I've been spoiled getting pictures every week. It's great that she actually does it, and for that I am so greatful! So, I guess I will cut her some slack, not bug and wait patiently. Okay, maybe a bit of pacing!
For now, one of my other picures of Fabulous Fred!! (with his sister).
Kinda looks like he's crying for his new Momma, doesn't it? :)

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute picture! We can't wait for Fred too! Cameron's been talking about Fred a lot this week. He keeps saying Fred is coming and asks to look at his picture. Today he said "Fred go grandma's couch". Even he knows how spoiled he'll be :) 6 more days!!


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